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the hunt for arceus rank

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Hyeon-U's AvatarHyeon-U
Hyeon-U's Avatar
It's mostly eggdex standing in my way right now. Getting the rest of these missing unown eggs would take care of that but. Effort. No energy to sit through the wiki to see who hatches what Fff I went to check my numbers and apparently I can't read. Haven't even reached champion rank yet- 409/420 Also I wanna know who picked the numbers here hah
Elmani's AvatarElmani
Elmani's Avatar
After a big long push - I basically left the UBs till last! - I'm literally 2 eggs (and no evos) away from Arceus. And both of them are in my party. After pushing for a while and being focused on this as my main project, with odd quick hunts on the side (if ~800 eggs counts as "quick"), I'm feeling rather lost what to do after getting Arceus. True, the new tourney season will start in a couple of weeks so I'm gonna have to spend a bunch to get tokens/egg passes for the fakemons. But that's only going to be a couple of eggs. Suppose it's time to revive my paused Croaket hunt
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After achieving Arceus after 4 months - I'm just gonna share my opinion. Getting Arceus sucks and reobtaining sucks even more. It's expected of you to finish all the regular 1k living dex and the 500 eggs/ultra beasts that come with it while they're still adding new tourney eggs + galar drops which are an absolute nightmare. im sorry 750k for a sticky barb what But honestly without Arceus melan hunting is out of the question and PFQ would probably be a lot less fun without having to earn it (even though it can take a while)
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Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
i’m saving ub eggs until last. for now, I’m focusing on Exclusives. i got 60+ Goldenrod Tokens and am getting any Eggdexes I still need, along with any evo dexes (which is prolly a bunch considering how long I’ve been gone). then, I’ll get on Variant Eggs and Legendary Eggs and Formes that I don’t have. whatever I can’t get for some reason, i’ll find a dex shop for (which is prolly gonna be most of the Megas). after i get Arceus, i’m gonna get as many Daycare Passes as I can and start a Melan Saiyan Rattata hunt (i already got a pair for it)

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somnomania's Avatarsomnomania
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i just got it yesterday! dextrades got me to the end more than anything else, honestly. credits are doable, i just clear out my inventory once in a while, sell gummies, extra evo items i don't need, etc, so the ultra beasts weren't too bad. but i wouldn't have gotten the rank without dextrading for the very last super-saiyan raticate form and ultra forme necrozma. it is doable, everyone. it takes work and money and some patient searching for people to dextrade with, but it's doable. i don't know how much of a melan boost it provides, or what happens when more breeds are added to the dex, but i have it now.
snompeitö's Avatarsnompeitö
snompeitö's Avatar
to be honest, i don't even feel like hunting for arceus knowing that i'll probably just keep losing it again, and each time i obtain it, i'll lose my grasp on it. i'm more of a casual player, and i'm more into the forums than the main aspect of the game. might settle for champion, or just hunt for SHINY or SSS but for now, i like how "ace" looks if i ever do decided to hunt for arceus, at least i've got some info while reading through this thread
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