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the hunt for arceus rank

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are you at champion rank, desperately trying to get that sweet, sweet, ever so desired arceus rank? then i've made this thread in solidarity! because i'm in that boat too! the ultra beasts eggdexes are the WORST part of this entire journey to getting arceus rank. i've basically sold my soul to wendy trying to get more nihilego eggs to swap. my soul costs approximately 7 million credits. i really don't think i could have gotten this far if it weren't for people offering dextrades. people like that are basically my saviors LOL the ultra beasts have been the last, biggest hurdle (only poipole, blacephalon, and stakataka's eggdexes to go!), but i've made it this far and not even the galar dex's eventual release will stop me now. feel free to rant on about how difficult it's been for you to get close to arceus rank. those of you who actually have arceus rank?... wish us luck.
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Cepheus's AvatarCepheus
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Getting Arceus S U C K S Plain and simple. I like to keep Arceus and had it before the few Galar releases today. I usually retain it quickly, but I'm not melan hunting, so I'm evolving everything myself. Only this bird stands between me and my pretty rank badge. Luckily this community is the best. Anyone and everyone is ready to help one another and help us get those dex entries. The Ultra Beasts were awful. I never want to do that again and I will riot (just kidding
) if Pokemon tries to make a multi-legend (or in UBs case "legend") region again. Speaking of helping, let me know if you (or anyone that posts here) need any Pokemon from me to dex <3 I even have a Melmetal!
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i finally got poipole's eggdex entry. now for stakataka and blacephalon. this is a nightmare and dusky's day only ever comes whenever i dont have near enough money to order another nihilego egg even if it's discounted. i am TWO EGGS AWAYYYY
sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
Can I hope on the solidarity train? because SO MUCH solidarity. I'm comparatively fortunate in that I have all of the Ultra Beast dex entries - though sadly I had to sacrifice a lot of them to get Type: Null - and my EggDex is complete. It's many of the Mega Evos that elude me. Admittedly, I'm not exactly helping myself; I've had this weird system in place where I need a Shiny and an Albino of whatever I need to mega before I can mega it, and having done this for one or two years I'll be loathe to stop now... ^^; but even if I did, that'd still be a LOT of Mega Stones to buy. Argh.
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to be honest if it weren't for dex trades i would not be anywhere NEAR as far as i am now. there is NO WAY i can manage to get ALL 109 MEGAS by myself
SO... CLOSE.....
LadyKoneko's AvatarLadyKoneko
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Hopping on the Arceus Rank Hunt train! I'm working on getting credits for the UBs now and oh my god. 531/544 EggDex, 1,247/1,260 Pokédex. I'm so close yet so far! (Are the new exclusives breedable yet?) At least with the Galar pokes releasing in batches, they're easy enough to keep up with. Also, this shop helped me immensely with my hunt. I highly recommend it.
I'm a Searene Hoarder! Any you don't want can be sent to me at any time! Thank you for any help to my collection~
afaik pepyre and aphreyd wont be breedable until season 16 starts... oof.
LadyKoneko's AvatarLadyKoneko
LadyKoneko's Avatar
-sigh- Well, I'll probably still be working on the UBs by then, honestly, so I guess I can wait. xD
Terabbit's AvatarTerabbit
Terabbit's Avatar
I have to say. After getting the UB eggs everything is easily down hill. Its sooo expensive for UB eggs. But getting dexes is not hard if you're persistent and go to a lot of dex trade shops. The moment i have my UB eggs it took me about two days maybe less to track down every mon i needed to complete dex. I went from 800ish to 1200 so quickly haha.
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