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A Traveler's Papers

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Page 1 - Introduction

My name - my chosen name - is Dia. Humans call me Latias though, which I suppose is also a nice name. But my friends call me Dia, and my brother calls me Dia, so I guess I'll just go with that. Writing is tricky. Reading is, too, unless It's the Unown alphabet, which I learned around the beginning of my existance. Humans call it "birth", but I'm not sure if that's what it was for me. I was more "created" than "born". I should probably explain what this is. Currently, this is a stack of paper that may or may not have been stolen from the Slateport City Market. This is also the first one of those papers. Don't worry, It's for a good cause this time. Besides, I left some human money at the stall. I'm not sure how much it was, but I hope one of the wierd tiny green papers with a stick and two circles on the edges was enough. I'm writing this all down because I don't want Atlas to be bored when I'm asleep. Actually, his chosen name was Dilas, but apparently the wierd human child with the brown hair changed it, so he goes by Atlas now. Atlas doesn't get bored easily. I do though. And It's terrible. I Don't want Atlas to feel terrible, so I'll make sure he doesn't. According to him, sleeping legendaries aren't much fun, so I'll make sure he has something to do while I'm asleep. It's it a couple thousand years though, so I'm not sure I need to, but I still will! Apparently, humans call wierd stuck-together paper for writing things about your life a "diary" or a "journal", which are both too complicated to write. I like "paper" way better. So I'll call this "papers", because there's more than one paper! Atlas says that my knowlage of humans is kind of low. I'm sure that's a lie though! I know tons about them! Like... I should have used a human-scratch stick for this. Those have things to make the scratch disappear. Me and Vironica are going on a big flight. I Don't think It's big though, it'll only last one year after all. We're going to visit everywhere, if we have time! Nica is most exited about showing me Unova. That's where she's from. From what she's told me, there are some beautiful places there. I kinda wanna see Johto more though... don't tell Nica, but human shiny-trees aren't really my thing. We don't have any in Hoenn, but I don't think flying there would be easy. I'm still working on my flying. Humans need bigger papers. I've run out of space already...

Page 2

Me and Nika have been traveling for a couple of days now, and we've finally made it somewhere! Sinnoh's completely different from Hoenn. It's really cold! This is the first time I've seen snow since the last time I was alive. Nika says that humans call being awake being 'alive', so I guess I should do that too. Anyways, the snow was absolutely beautiful! It's too bad it never snows anywhere in Hoenn. I'll have to ask Atlas if there are any snow legendaries to help with that. I know that I should know, but my memory kinda fuzzy. I got to see the three lakes! Lake Acuity was my favorite. I got to meet Uxie! Their name was Elos. They were nice, but they wouldn't look at us while they were talking to us, which was kinda rude. Nika said something about eyes and memories, but I didn't get any of it. Ah, she's calling! I guess we'd better get moving. We'll stay in Sinnoh for around a week more.

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