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Pokesana Sana and Cafe-real

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"op! I'll help you clean that up!" shouts drage.
look ma I got a bage! why don't you get mine? https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/245566/The-Dragon-s-Cave Help me?
WindyTrainer's AvatarWindyTrainer
WindyTrainer's Avatar
”First, you should check the line. Slash is coming soon” (Slash is Chimes cousin.)
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"ok I'll go over there!" then she leaves.
WindyTrainer's AvatarWindyTrainer
WindyTrainer's Avatar
(This is Slash) ”May I have a Pokepuff for Dark types?”
CuteWeedle's AvatarCuteWeedle
CuteWeedle's Avatar
Steele the Shiny Dialga walks in eagerly* So, this is the highly rumoured Pokesana and Cafe-real? It looks amazing!" "I wonder what kind of stuff is around here! I'd better get to exploring." "Notices Chime." Is that a half shiny eevee? Such unique pokemon!" Alright, time to look around!"
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WindyTrainer's AvatarWindyTrainer
WindyTrainer's Avatar
H-Hello there sir! What do you want to order?
"Oh, looks like every one left. Time to bump I guess..." says drage
Kayden115's AvatarKayden115
Kayden115's Avatar
Someone new walks in to the cafe. "hello? uhh i'd like to have a room?"
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"Welcome! Here you go room 101!" says Drage, "Enjoy!"
boop I say! Boop!

Pages: 1234

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