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Pokesana Sana and Cafe-real

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"so I see you will be here a while, so feel free to look around, talk to other patrons, and if you have a question go ahead and shoot!" she says excitedly.
The Luxray just nodded, Her tail swaying as her eyes darted around, Karai sighed and started to wander around. "I wonder what they have around here.." The shiny pokemon said while walking around, soon resting for a bit before resuming looking around
"Ooh we have some coffee, Cappuccinos, coffee cake, cake pops and alot more!"
"Oh..Alright.." She replied softly, Walking around still as her eyes went over a few things a once, her tail swaying more
Sizaansilah's AvatarSizaansilah
Sizaansilah's Avatar
"If you'd like to order anything, please let me know!" Fortuna called from across the cafe, balancing a tray on one hand and holding a towel to wipe down tables in her other.
"This will probably be the last time I'll see you all like this. But... I'll always be watching over you."
"Do you have pokepuffs for Electric types?" Karai asked softly as she stopped at the Cafe, looking over, The luxray stretched while she watched the Raichu, Her tail stopped swaying since she stopped walking
Sizaansilah's AvatarSizaansilah
Sizaansilah's Avatar
"We do," Fortuna responded brightly, gently setting her towel near her feet on her tail before switching the tray to the other hand. "Would you like one?"
"Yes, Please.." Karai said, sitting down as she continued to keep eye contact with the Raichu, something she learned to do from her mother, 'always remember to keep eye contact whist talking to someone' was what she would say to her
Sizaansilah's AvatarSizaansilah
Sizaansilah's Avatar
"Coming right up!" She placed the tray carefully on the counter before she fetched the ordered baked good. She floated close to the luxray, placing the pokepuff gently in front of her. "Here you go -- one deliciously electric pokepuff."
"Thanks.." She said softly before eating the Pokepuff in a big bite, her tail sparking a bit as it swayed "That's good..." She then said with a smile before getting up to stretch and start to look around a bit more

Pages: 12345

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