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The friendship of a partner

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Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
This is basted of my character Bonnie and her Partner Prince from Team Spark for my pmd game Main Charters: : Bonnie : Prince : Sparkplug Some side characters maybe there but These are the main characters ___________________________________ Chapter one: A storm!? Bonnie and Prince were both fast asleep in there beds it had been a long day for the two rescuing lost Pokémon and finding some cool stuff out in the world. It was pretty peaceful in there room they were both in a pretty good mood until the Loudred came in “TIME TO GET UP YOU TWO!!!” Loudred yelled out at the two sleeping Pokémon “morning all ready?” Bonnie said yawning and getting up “do you think it would be ok if we slept in a little bit?” Prince said eyes still closed “SORRY BUT NOPE WE HAVE A BUSY DAY TODAY” Loudred yelled out at the two causing the two to cover there ears “isn’t it always a busy day!?” Bonnie said kinda annoyed as she walked up to Loudred “WELL YEA BUT TODAY THERES GOING TO BE A STORM!!” Loudred yelled at the two “a storm!?!?” Prince said getting up and running up two the Loudred and his partner “YES A STORM AND ITS OUR JOB TO WARN OTHER POKÉMON ABOUT IT!” Loudred yelled out walking away “ok then let’s go!” Bonnie said grabbing onto Prince’s flipper and walking to were they always meet in the morning with the other Pokémon. “Ok guys we know about the storm right!” Master guild Wigglytuff said looking at the Pokémon as they all nodded “ok good each of your teams will be chosen to go to a pacific place to warn the other Pokémon out in the wild!” Wigglytuff said as the Pokémon nodded “ok here’s were each of the teams will be going...” Wigglytuff said as he read out aloud all the team names and were they were to be heading to “I hope we get to go somewhere fun and scary!” Bonnie said to Prince as he looked down “oh I’m not to sure about scary” Prince said as he looked at Bonnie “oh weres your fun of adventures!?” Bonnie said looking at her partner “I’m just not sure” Prince said looking at Guid Wigglytuff “and team Spark will be heading to the deep forests” Wigglytuff said looking at the two “ok now that you know we’re you guys are heading let’s get a move on!” Wigglytuff said as the other Pokémon left out the guid “ohh we get to go in the forest isn’t that cool!?” Bonnie said smiling “yea...I guess” Prince said as he looked down and blushed he didn’t want His partner to know that he was scared as they walked through there town.
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Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
Chapter two: The time I met you Team Spark finally made it to the forest to see I giant tree that some how stood out from the other trees as they two started at it “I’d say it would be quicker if we’d split up to warn the other Pokémon” Prince said trying to look brave and smart as Bonnie looked over at him with a confused smile “wow that isn’t really like you to say that but I guess once we’ve warned all the Pokémon we will meet at this tree ok!” Bonnie said smiling at her piplup partner as she started to walk away “ok...I’ll meet you here...” Prince said watching his meowth partner walk away as he walked the other way. Prince walked Around trying to find other Pokémon to warn “why did I say that...why did I say we should split up...” Prince said looking down he was disappointed in the choice he made and was thinking about it for awhile until he saw two butterfrees flying around and ran up to them “there’s a storm coming you need to take shelter!” Prince said looking at the two butterfrees “yes thank you we will get ready” one of the butterfree said looking at the small piplup as they started to fly away “and make sure to tell others!!” Prince yelled out at the two butterfrees as he looked down again. Bonnie was looking around trying to find other Pokémon to warn “I wonder if any Pokémon leave in these parts of the forest” Bonnie said as she stoped for a moment as she jumped on hearing thunder so close it didn’t sound like thunder from the storm but from a Pokémon Bonnie followed the sound to find a Shinx shooting lightning at a tree as she walked up to it “umm hello do you need-“ Bonnie was cut off short as the shinx looked as if he was going to attack “who sent you here!?” The shinx said as he crept to Bonnie “umm I’m sorry I just thought you needed help with that tree” Bonnie said nervous looking up at the tree with the shinx “May I?” Bonnie asked the shinx looking at the tree “umm yes...I can’t get the fruit down...” the shinx said looking at the fruit up the tree “well we’ll see about that!” Bonnie said as she climbed the top of the tree and nocked down the fruit I front of the shinx “umm thanks..” the shinx said looking at the fruit on the ground “I’m Bonnie by the way” Bonnie said looking up at the shinx “I’m Sparkplug” the shinx said looking up at Bonnie “nice to meet you Sparkplug” Bonnie said with a smile “you to Bonnie” Sparkplug said standing up and smiling at Bonnie “I’m from Wigglytuff’s Guild and I’m here to warn Pokémon about a storm coming would you like to help I can’t seam to find any Pokémon here” Bonnie said looking at the trees “sure I’d love to come” Sparkplug said as he followed Bonnie to look for other Pokémon.

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