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The Duck Chronicles

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Poké ipsum Boldore Baflammet.



Trade Shop

new Clan()

Raca (PFQ Wiki)

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You heard me. Forms. What's the deal with forms? Why do so many people feel inclined to use forms? What do forms even solve?

Well, they ensure people have read the rules.

Yeah… Uh-huh… Because nobody can just scan for whatever weird password you picked… Or search for the words "password is" within the page… Or look at a past form… Or—oh, forget it.

They ensure that information is properly given.

Yeah, if people bother to use it. And what happens if they don't? You chastise them. They could give all the same information you ask for… "please use the form."

Oh, like you've never used a form…

Yeah, I have… when I was twelve. Twelve! I had this little sprite shop. It was cool and all, sure, but even so… it was overcomplicated.


The moment that you place any user on a pedistal… ugh, just don't do it. My shop had memberships, bronze through platinum. Why? Because it was complicated. Complicated is good, right? At least that was what other shops had taught me. Never again…

Well how would I know which users can—

Ah, lemme cut you off there, there's the problem! Any user should be able to order whatever they'd like.

The Issue with Authority

Outside of shops, let's talk clans. I could see the argument made for clans that the founder holds minor authority. But then what's keeping them from acting unfairly? The site rules? Unless the site rules don't stop them. Nothing says I can't ban you from my clan. I can't post a reason. As such, nobody is likely to question it. Let's pretend I'm super transphobic. I can ban transgender users that show interest in the clan subject. I mean, yeah, I can't discriminate against them, except… I can certainly get away with ostracizing them so long as nobody notices the pattern.

That's why I created new Clan()

Yeah, this post has a bit of an ulterior motive, but bear with me. I created new Clan() as a space where people interested in front-end web development can come learn and/or help others who are learning by providing useful tips and feedback. Anybody can join. Anybody. From those who've never done more than glance at a webpage's source code to those who design websites for a living. And you know what's required to join? An introduction. Yeah, the "hello, my name is" kind. Nothing fancy. Maybe I'm biased but I feel that more clans should be handled like this. It creates a much more friendly and inviting environment than filling out some drab form and waiting for a formal acceptance. And yes, that includes me, that includes any of the clan helpers, anybody who's a member must make an introductory post. You're free to do what you want (as per Rule 6§B) but if you want my opinion… No more forms. No more authoritarianism. No more exclusivity. But what do I know? I'm just your friendly neighborhood Duckbug.
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On 22/Apr/2017, at 2:17 PM, Duckbug wrote: > I took so much time with [my review] and did what I could to try to express my love for the game and community without sounding like I was kissing up to you guys and then with other people I just see this wall of "THIS IS THE BEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and "i'd give it 5 stars instead of 3 but the market is too expensive and the mods are kinda rude otherwise i like it"
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This post is a work in progress showcasing my Pokésonas.
Yes, more will go here later. For now… I shall be lazy.



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QUOTE originally posted by Niet

May 2017

May 4th

• For those of you who have been with us since PF1, thank you very much for your patience. PFTransfer is now ready for use, allowing you to transfer most of your PF1 Pokémon over to PFQ. — 04/May/2017 19:01
Dude. Yes. Let's just hope I can remember my old password…
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12/Jun/2017 (3 years ago)

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Ohio, USA

I'm Duckbug, but you can call me Ducky if you'd like. I was previously known as Raca and — longer ago than anyone probably remembers me from — goweegee365.

I was also a PF1 user under the name goweegee365, though you likely wouldn't have encountered me unless you freqented either "A Winner Can Be You!" (holy throwback, Batman) or my sprite shop.
I have a journal where I log things every now and then.

My trade shop is a bit rough around the edges, especially when it comes to needing to update prices, though my Special Offers have none, so... make an offer if you're interested!

I started a clan for users interested in web development appropriately named new Clan(). Anybody is free to join. Why not check it out?

I also help manage the PokéFarm Q Official Wiki under the name Raca.
Help? I'd be happy to!

Just send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
Coded from relative scratch by Duckbug.

For Duckbug's use only unless otherwise given permission.
Tap or click one of the above tabs.
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Gonna be frank, here. Gettin' real sick and tired of this "them" thing.
Duckbug's AvatarDuckbug
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Real talk, if staff cared about IP addresses I'd be screwed. Like, yeah, maybe I'm totally wrong, but I think that IP addresses are based on the network and not the device, so as long as I'm home it wouldn't matter. Except, no, I take that back, I have two homes, and a brother who's a user of PFQ. And then on top of that I have a smart phone with mobile data. Sometimes if it's either a matter of connect to insecure wifi or be bored for four hours I'll connect and use a VPN and it probably would say I'm logging in from Ohio one minute and then the Netherlands or something the next. Trust me, if IP addresses mattered on PokéFarm Q, I'd have been locked over a year ago.
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I used to give Quotev users a lot of crap and I've mostly stopped but hoo boy, I am sick and tired of this @.username crap, like, there is no tagging feature on PokéFarm, you incompetent swine. Before I get people reporting me, I'm joking, they're not swine.
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