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Trouble In Japari Park! - Kemono Friends RP (Set-up)

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Ever heard of the anime Kemono Friends? Well if you did the this rp is for you!


Recently new friends have been appearing in Japari Park, but this isn't a problem, right? Wrong! Ceruleans are seeming to appear more often thanks to the sudden arrival of new friends, suddenly Serval decided that she would like to recruit some of the new friends to help take down these Ceruleans, but of course! Certain friends are good at certain things, but certain friends are also weak or bad at other things, as a collective, you must decide how to defeat these Ceruleans


1. I will play all the canon characters, including Serval, Lucky Beast and any other friends from the anime! 2. Your friend must be bad or weak at least at one thing 3. Light romance is okay but nothing too crazy 4. Arguements between characters can happen but please do not take it too far! 5. You cannot be a human, You must be a friend 6. Animals in myths are allowed 7. You may only have 2 friends 8. Have fun! More rules will be added if i see that they are needed


I'd Like to Help Serval! Username: Name:(Like in the anime the character's name is their species, Or it could be a different name for the species!) Species: Weakness: Strengths: Appearance: (Description or Image) Backstory (Optional): (Like how they became a friend, etc)

My Form

I'd Like to Help Serval! Username: EdgyWolfPokemon Name: Moon Bear Species: Asian Black Bear Weakness: Doesn't like clear areas Strengths: She can climb trees Appearance: She has a Moon bear tail and ears, She has a black-brownish shirt with a moon shaped crest on it, she wears long gloves that are the same color of her shirt and they have moon bear paw prints on the palms of them, her skirt is the same color as her shirt also, Her shoes have moon bear paw prints on the bottom of them as well Backstory (Optional):

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