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So I understand that when I field is locked it is not viewable to the public. I don’t click my own fields like ever, so I’m not sure why the Pokémon in my hidden fields are levelling up? Do they gain XP on their own? Does it have something to do with my XP share?
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Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
How do you know they’re still leveling up? Is it solely based on memory?
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It says so in my farm info, in the Recent Level-Ups
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
Maybe you clicked them and forgot or you have two pokemon from that field in the daycare?
My ralts pair is in the daycare, the rest of my pairs are sitting in my hidden field and it was my Combee female
Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
The Ralts leveling up is intentional if they’re in the daycare. You said you see the Combees leveling up too?
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
Did you by any chance have them in your party or have them posted in journal? Did any other pokemon leveled up beside ralts pair (as explained gain exp from dc) and one combee?
Not that I’ve seen, but I have 2 Pokémon waiting to be levelled up, and I’ve never posted any of my pairs anywhere, I’ve only posted my dittos for auction and even they are hidden away. They where all level 1-3 when I bought them
selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
Have you used the combees in the past? I ask because I know some people who like to click the parents of their pokemon if it hatched S/A/M, so if there's an egg that went to the shelter they might be the answer
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