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Delta Hoarders United!

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As a reminder, please do not post in this journal unless you are Sinon-Chan. If you have any inquiries about the delta spreadsheets, please keep to messaging either Sinon or me! Contact information (outside of PFQ):
Nintendo Switch: SW-5987-3016-3208 Discord: NarstyEggs # 3197 Maravol Pattern: Sparklemuffin Vivillon Pattern: Meadow Pokedex:1,268 / 1,268 Eggdex:512 / 548 SHINYdex:1,268 / 1,268

Needed Shiny Dexes!

Kanto Finished


Johto Finished


Hoenn Finished


Sinnoh Finished


Unova Finished


Kalos Finished


Alola Finished


Exclusives and Variants Finished


Megas Finished



Grossifleur Eldegloss Yamper Boltund Chewtle Drednaw

Needed Egg Dexes!

Kanto Finished


Johto Finished


Hoenn Finished


Sinnoh Finished!


Unova Finished


Kalos Finished



Type: Null Cosmog Nihilego Pheromosa Xurkitree Buzzwole Celesteela Kartana Guzzlord Poipole Stakataka Blacephalon Necrozma

Galar Finished


Exclusives and Variants

Kitwurm Kawotor Saiyan Rattata Surfing Pichu S.S Cleffa Koroku Guild Igglybuff Death Star Voltorb Early Bird Natu Blue Moon Slugma Apoc. Shroomish Magquaza Snow Combee Apoc. Golett
> If the team has a gold highlight running through it it means that we placed number one! > If the team has a pink highlight running through it it means that it is currently going on! > If the team has a red highlight running through it it means that I did not participate (at all) that month.


(Official First Type Race!)August: Fairy, 126 points September: Ground, 4 points October: Normal, 0 points November: Fire, 0 points December: Dark, 0 points


January: Fighting, 1,097 points Febuary: Electric, 1,121 points March: Water, 1,582 points April: Psychic, 1,369 points May: Grass, 1,574 points June: Ghost, 2,171 points July: Ice, 2,632 points #1!! August: Bug, 1,707 points September: Poison, 1,791 points October: Rock, 1,971 points November: Steel, 1,669 points December: Dragon, 1,606 points


January: Flying, 1,967 points Febuary: Fairy, 1,900 points March: Ground, 2,681 points April: Normal, 2,277 points #1!! May: Fire, 2,028 points June: Dark, 336 points (Accumulated within one day before PFQ shut off) July: Fight, 1,773 points August: Electric, 1,800 points September: Water, 226 points October: Psychic, 2,040 points November: Grass, 1,946 points December: Ghost, 1,313 points


January: Ice, 1,921 points February: Bug, 1,868 points March: Poison, 1868 points
Avatar is official art from NTT Solmare Corp.'s "Obey Me!" mobile game || My Trade Shop! || Delta Hoarders United!
Collector of special water deltas!"BOOHOO- It's so romantic!!" - Duusu
Lv. 26 — 857 / 2,107
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Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness 27%
Lax nature
Duusu's AvatarDuusu
Duusu's Avatar
Welcome to the official Delta Hoarders United base!
Delta Hoarders United is a place where delta collectors and hoarders alike can gather and help each other expand their galleries of deltas through the usage of spreadsheets. This is run by Sinon and me, where we keep spreadsheets up to date of all of the participating delta hoarders.

Application Form

Username: List(s) you want to be added to: Contact info: Payment: Actively collecting or not: Preferences: Accepting duplicates?: Any other notes? If you are confused with anything on this form, please refer to the 'Info and Help' section below!

Info & Help With the Form

This form is to help us with the lists that we will be making to help you! 'Username' is your username here on PFQ. I could add that myself but it is easier for me to have it ready with the list when working, so please include it. There will be different lists and they can be found in the hidebox named 'Delta Hoarder Spreadsheets'. I can add you on however many you want or need. In addition to that, if you are collecting specific mons please specify which one(s) in the 'List' section. Contact info is needed because there are some people do not care to be PM'd. Some prefer Discord or using their trade thread(s) and such. Please specify your preferred contact point. For the payment section please specify if you are buying them and/or swapping for them. Having this information on the lists will save you time! Please let us all know if you are actively collecting or not so that people will know if they are able to contact you or not at that moment. As for preferences I'd love to know if you are collecting regulars, shinies, albinos, and/or melans. Berry preferences will be a bit difficult to add but I'll do my best to include all of your preferences. And let us know if you accept duplicates!

Delta Hoarder Spreadsheets

BugDarkDragonElectricFairyFightFire •Flying •GhostGrassGroundIceNormalPoisonPsychic •Rock •SteelWaterDouble TypesPokemon Specific *Double Types are for those who collect dual same type pokémon (such as Normal/Normal Cinccino). *Pokemon specific list is for people who hoard specific pokémon rather than an exclusive type.
Sinon-chan's AvatarSinon-chan
Sinon-chan's Avatar
Welcome to the official Delta Hoarders United place's news section! In this section, you can find about rules, active delta shops/auction threads and events/raffles!


•Please don't post to this thread since it is a journal and belongs to Duusu. •For applications use PMs, and first send the form to me. If I don't return to you in two days, then please let Duusu know about the situation. •Please be patient with us, since we are all human here. •We will NOT put your name higher in the lists for any reason. •Let either one of us know if you have a thread (either temporary or permanent) where you are selling deltas or auctioning them. We'll put it in this post to let other hoarders know! •Last but not least, be nice to everyone. •We may add/remove any rules if we see neccessary in the future.

Active Events/Raffles

There are not any planned for now. Check back soon!


•Created the post. •Added Rules section. •Added Delta Shop advertisement section. •Added Event/Raffle section


•Added two more delta shops.


•Added one more delta shop.


•Added a temporary delta shop.
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(PFQ) Art
Hover over each art piece to see who the artist is, as not every piece in here was created by me!


LordLeviathan's OC!


Leftmost character is RowletPrincess's OC, Blue Raspberry!
Yan's OC, for Yan's usage only!
These are exclusively for Engineer's use, and may only be used by them!

Duusu, the Sporadic Peacock

Made by Engineer
Made by Terrabit
Made by Sheepoid
Please note that Duusu is not my OC, but a character from Miraculous Ladybug. Please hover over each image for the artist!

Ezeji, the Booksmart Littenlo

Made by Yan for my usage only! (1 and 3)
Duusu's AvatarDuusu
Duusu's Avatar

Melan Hunt Stuff

These are not in any particular order, but just some ideas for me to keep track of. These'll be moved up once melans have been hatched just 'cause.
Previous Melan Hunts (Successful)
• Apoc. Poochyena (x2, both unplanned) • Cacnea (x2) • Glameow (x1) • Oricorio (x1 P'au, unplanned)
Possible Plans
• Aerodactyl • Glameow (Purugly) • Inkay •Meowth (x2 Kanto, x1 Alolan) • Murkrow (Honchkrow) • Pachirisu (Female) • Poochyena (Mightyena) • Purrloin • Teddiursa • Yamask (Cofagrigus) • Yamper (Boltund!!!) ☆
Saved Chains
- Yamask, 1,027

Favourite Pokémon of Each Type

Special Pokés of Mine!

Melans! (9)

Purchased Melans ^ Hatched Melans:

Special Bug Deltas (1)

Special Dark Deltas (2)

Special Dragon Deltas (1)

Special Electric Deltas (2)

Special Fairy Deltas (0)

Special Fight Deltas (2)

Special Fire Deltas (1)

Special Flying Deltas (1)

Special Ghost Deltas (2)

Special Grass Deltas (4)

Special Ground Deltas (1)

Special Ice Deltas (1)

Special Normal Deltas (3)

Special Poison Deltas (0)

None at the moment!

Special Psychic Deltas (4)

Special Rock Deltas (4)

Special Steel Deltas (2)

Special Water Deltas (58) ♡

Special Pokés With New Homes!

All of these guys were originally in my care (as in, not traded for for the sake of immediately gifting the pokémon away), but now lead a new life within another user's fields!

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