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Shiny Odds

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Aero's AvatarAero
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So I was wondering what the odds of getting a shiny now are because I got 1 shiny out of 346 eggs so are the odds less than they were before or is this just some really bad luck? I only have Hypermode active I don't have an Uber or Shiny charm active
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it used to be 1/25 at full odds, and without uber/sc it was 1/100. the shiny rate was halved in that somewhat-recent update, so now it's 1/200 for you. i'd say your luck is about standard with those odds.
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Aero's AvatarAero
Aero's Avatar
before the changes I would have had maybe 4 shiny pokemon by now at least
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QUOTE originally posted by Aero

before the changes I would have had maybe 4 shiny pokemon by now at least
You can't say that for sure - there's a huge margin of error when you are talking about such low numbers. It's entirely possible you could have 0 shinies at this point and your luck still wouldn't be extremely out of the ordinary. Random numbers are not predictable.
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