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[OPEN] Cat's Cradle - a PMD Story

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DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Avery Shadowclaw
"Ah! Yep, that's me! Pleased to meet you, Flamey." Avery let out a pleased purr. This was going really well! "Ahaha, yeah Trixie's a bit, um... exuberant... sometimes..." Sudden embarrassment bubbled up in his chest as he realised that probably everyone in the store had been looking at him. Okay, like four people total, and Flamey didn't seem like she was judging him, but still... Avery coughed nervously, his throat suddenly tight. As he glanced away, he heard a voice cry out over the babble of shoppers. Avery saw a quite frantic-looking Mimikyu asking for help. Avery's ears pricked up. Ooh! Someone in distress! He grinned at Flamey. "Hey, you're a Guild Member too, right? Let's go help that person!" He called out to the Mimikyu, "Hi! What sort of help do you need?"
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(@SnivyQueen and @JirachiStar)
Lucifer Bluepyre
Amidst the bustling throng, growing thicker and more busy as 'mons woke up for the day and began heading out to work, Lucifer picked up an unusually strong smell of anxiety, bordering on the bitter, rich coffee-grounds scent of fear. Following his nose, he found himself slinking through the shadows near the Mega Emporium, around towards the loading bays at the back. In the dimness, the faint glow of sunlight not yet illuminating the broad stone alley, he saw a young Eevee talking quietly to someone hidden in deeper darkness that nearly seemed to swirl and thicken independently of any light source. The Eevee seemed familar; as he turned with his ears pressed low with nerves, it clicked - this was Hadrian, the owner of the recently established evolutionary item shop in the Emporium.
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Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
Lucifer Bluepyre Lucifer shrank back into the shadows, worried he might be noticed for his orange fur. He tucked his tail underneath him and flattened himself to the ground, carefully edging forward, one tall ear angled forward while the other kinda just flopped over his eye. Hadrian? Lucifer shrank back again, retreating halfway back down the alley. He knew the name and face, sort of, but wanted to be sure. The Houndour gently shook his tablet out of his back, resting it on the ground. Large clumsy paws swiped through the screens, past a Breloom that caught his eye momentarily, coming to stop on the last in the series. Yes, it was Hadrian, he owned a new evolution shop. Not that Lucifer had checked it out, of course, he didn’t require an item to evolve. Packing away the smug smile and his tablet, he stalked back to the end of the alley. Would it be weird to just walk out there? After coming down an alley that clearly looked like you shouldn’t be going down it? Hadrian looked a bit...offput to say the least, would he appreciate Lucifer trying to help? He would likely regret it later; Lucifer straightened up and trotted out of the shadows, a puzzled look on his face. Sky blue eyes flitted around the area, finally coming to rest on Hadrian. “Hello there! So terribly sorry to intrude, but I’m looking for a store! You see, I’m trying to find a gift for someone and they have an eye for sparkles.” The ease are which the lie rolled out of his mouth was somewhat disturbing, though he didn’t miss a beat.
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Hadrian Gigavolt
Hadrian nearly jumped clear out of his fur when a cheery, thoroughly unexpected voice sounded behind him. He saw his patron’s eyes narrow dangerously and his heart began to race. Tail tucked so far between his legs the tip nearly tickled his chin, Hadrian turned to see a dark-coloured canine-esque Pokemon approaching. Because the newcomer was backlit by the, admittedly dim, light coming in from the street behind him, Hadrian couldn’t make out their facial expression. Despite the cheerful tone of their greeting and the complete mundanity of their question, Hadrian’s imagination wasted no time in plastering a vicious snarl across the dog Pokemon’s features. He whimpered slightly. “I’ll let you help this young ‘mon, then. See you later, Hadrian.” His patron’s voice drifted out of the shadows, saccharine-sweet and all the more terrifying for it. There was a patter of paws and, before anyone could hope to react, the shadows sprang upwards and over a wall, leaving the two ‘mons alone. “Uh-uh-uh-uh...” Hadrian stammered, at a total loss for words. His entire body hunched low to the ground, his ears pinned back and his paws quivering beneath him. He was fighting the urge to just roll over onto his back in total submission. “I-I-I- A-Are you loo-ooking for a-a-a p-particular s-store? I d-do sell s-s-s-some shiny t-things... I-I sell m-mostly e-evolutionary items b-but I have some o-o-other things t-too...”
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Flamey trotted over to the Mimikyu with Avery, wondering about what had happened. "Hey, anything happen over here? I honestly have a request to prepare for. But still, you OK?" ((@Jirachi))
Oh yeesh... Now, she wasn't just dealing with someone ordinary, and she could see that well from his title. This was someone big... The thought of it made her incredibly nervous, but there wasn't much that she could do about this for now. Maybe she should do something, maybe something that could take him a quick moment before the girl could go on her way, in looking for a place to stay for a bit. Then, something came back to her mind, an idea that swarmed through when she hadn't even expected such a thing. She remembered there was a guild in the area... So maybe there would be something that she could do there. They were parlayers of the law all the same, at least that was what she thought of it but... Maybe staying with them would get some of the dirt that remained behind her. She would have to figure out a different kind of story considering how different this was but... That would be something to think over on the way over there, if the police chief wasn't a large talker or something. "Well, yes- I would like to see where the town's guild is- I suppose the place has piqued my interest ever since I found this town on my map," she replied, giving a cheeky smile in the hope that this would be good enough to quell any sort of suspicion. Suspicion was truly the last thing she needed at the moment... (@DreamThief)
Mimi turned in surprise. "Oh, you stopped to help?" she asked. "Thanks. Need to know where to get dungeon supplies. And maybe a map. Don't really know much about the city." She smiled, although it wasn't like anyone could tell. What with the disguise and all. (@Dream, @Snivy) (countrykyu)
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DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Avery Shadowclaw
Avery glanced around at the now-bustling metal and glass lobby, seeing people wandering around with shopping bags clutched in claws, teeth and tentacles. "Well, you're definitely in the right place for dungeon-ing supplies! Trixie's got everything!" Glancing around shiftily, Avery leaned in close to where he supposed the Mimikyu's ear would be, based on her costume. "Though if you want some stuff cheaper, probably check out the speciality stores on the other floors. Trixie's got a huge range, but that doesn't come cheap." "And, uhhhh..." Avery scrabbled through his satchel, looking for his Guild Insignia tablet. "And if you have a tablet or something, I can give you a copy of my city map." (@JirachiStar)


Percival 'Paladin' Flamefeather
"Oh, that's quite simple. You can see it from here, even, look!" Percival turned a bit to the North and pointed with an orange claw towards the towering shape of the Guild Clocktower. "It's a bit cloudy today, so it's a bit hard to see, but it's still real easy to spot from everywhere on this side of the city." Despite the coffee, Pervical found himself letting out a gargantuan yawn. He was really looking forwards to his home and, most importantly, his bed. "I can walk you there; it's only about a ten minute walk, if that."
LuckyTrefoil's AvatarLuckyTrefoil
LuckyTrefoil's Avatar
((Ahh reading from everyone's post here gets me really excited! I can't wait for Reuben to meet you guys!)) "Today's the day." Reuben had just left his home to venture outside and has arrived in Tanzarine City. In the central plaza, he stopped by a fountain and sat next to it while placing his sachet bag. Heavily breathing from the long distance away from home, slowly recovering his stamina. "Alright Reuben! It's time to get tough and explore a lot of stuff!" The little dragon thought, straightening his posture with eyes(?) gleaming with determination. "But where would the stores be at? Mom did said it's south from here..." Reuben quickly shift his head around, trying to find clues on where his destination would be. He notices an alley full of colorful banners and signs, loud noises, and a couple of pokemons coming in all directions from it. The small dragon quickly grinned, "There it is." He quickly grabbed his sachet with his mouth and moves towards the area, but he halted midway due to a small puddle blocking his path. "Oh! I better not get myself wet. Mom said there will be a big storm coming so I must hurry." Reuben thought as he slowly walked around the puddle while heading towards the stores.
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Reuben Cloudsdale
The alley, with its bright ribbons and smiling merchants perched behind stalls, quickly opened up into a larger street. The smells of spices and the ever-present loamy smell of the rain gave way to noise and light, almost as if the senses could only process so much before they just gave up - neon signs, brilliantly painted banners, people rushing to and fro from one shop to the next. A huge Snorlax lumbered past clutching a bouquet of flowers almost as large as Reuben. A particularly large and gaudy sign with the tagline ‘everything you could ever dream of!’ caught Reuben’s eye. It advertised itself as Trixie’s Mega Super Ultra Emporium, and just inside the door he could see both a large, gleaming shopfront and a small group of Pokemon chatting - a Vulpix, a Mimikyu and someone with clear Purrloin heritage written in their lithe form.
Dingo Blue's AvatarDingo Blue
Dingo Blue's Avatar
Lucifer Bluepyre Lucifer’s heart dropped. He wouldn’t actually have to buy anything, would he? He could just pretend he was looking around, right? Hadrian’s stammering suddenly broke through his thoughts and he cocked an eyebrow at the odd Eevee. “Are you alright? You seem kind of...frazzled?” Lucifer asked, a slight concerned frown on his face. He’d never met an Eevee this cowardly, so it couldn’t just be a species thing. There was something off, he didn’t particularly want to trust this stammering ball of worry - what if it was an act? He kept his distance, not coming any closer, but not backing away any either. Was that other Pokemon stil around? Lucifer couldn’t smell any lingering scents apart from the workers in the loading bays - unsurprisingly sweaty - his own, and Hadrians.

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