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[OPEN] Cat's Cradle - a PMD Story

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Cat’s Cradle A land of secrets, mysteries and adventures awaits...

DAY: 5th of Vambrem TIME OF YEAR: Storm Season WEATHER: Tanzarine City - light, misty rain, no wind Fragrant Meadow - clear, slight breeze Sapphire Fjord - overcast, no wind Wyverns’ Roost - ...it’s underground TEMPERATURE: Tanzarine city - 13 degrees Celsius - chilly Fragrant Meadow - 16 degrees Celsius - mild Sapphire Fjord - 15 degrees Celsius - mild Wyverns’ Roost - 22 degrees Celsius - pleasantly warm
A hundred thousand years ago, the Gods wove this world from strands of starlight and magic, held in their gentle hands like the most delicate web. Life sprang forth in an unimaginable multiplicity of forms, spreading to cover the world and growing with each passing breath. Souls took form; combining magic and mind to make new things. Light and dark in perfect balance. Content with their work, the Gods left. Some stories say they slumbered, and sleep still upon the tallest peaks and in the deepest oceans. Others tell of endless creations stretching onwards to infinity, never ceasing, busy hands always making something new. Or perhaps they walk among us in mortal forms - granting wishes and prayers or with their powers bound and shackled, forever lost. But this is not the Gods’ story, and this is no longer their world. It belongs to you...

Tanzarine city is full of 'mons preparing for the Passing of Breath festival, which celebrates the light of life, the winds of change and appeases the ocean during the terrible stormy season that ravages Cassia during the time of Spirit Falls. Thick rolling mists often obscure the streets, turning the hulking stone buildings to the North and North-West into looming, indistinct shapes and the shorter, squatter wood and brick buildings that mark the newer quarters of the city into low, ominous blurs. The Festival celebrates life with candles and lanterns, coloured paper shapes pasted over windows to make them glow with vibrancy in the chill night air. It celebrates the sea with glass bottles of water, carefully crafted into delicate, sinuous forms, and mirrors are hung on all doors and over fireplaces, their reflections representing the deep, mysterious fathoms that lurk beneath the surface. Everyone in Cassia celebrates some version of Passing Breath, with greater or lesser degrees of elaborateness and vibrancy. Tanzarine City goes big with its celebration, and despite a huge thunderstorm looming in the East it's intending to go forward with the big bonfire celebration, dance exhibition and fireworks in three days time, when the moon is dark. The Adventures' Guild helps with preparations, going deep into mystery dungeons to collect items for decorations, in addition to their usual exploration and delivery work. Guild members also participate in the festivities, often doing a big dance and a few associate 'mons, such as Pavarti Gemtooth, are helping with the technicalities of the fireworks displays. With so much bustle and anticipation, it's not uncommon for things and even people to become lost during this time. This means the Adventurers' Guild are often incredibly busy, and there's a lot for new and existing members to do...

The story so far...

Everyone in Cassia is preparing for the Passing of Breath festival. It's raining almost all the time, usually just a slow, steady drizzle that soaks straight to the bone, but there's a big thunderstorm looming in the east that might blow in to Tanzarine City over the next couple of days. Tanzarine City is lit by lanterns and candles as people prepare for the festival, and the smell of traditional berry candies and breads cooking fills the air. Mirrors are almost completely sold out in all the stores.

A mysterious gem...

Avery Shadowclaw was just returning to Tanzarine City, having been out exploring. He managed to find a cool amethyst carved with indecipherable runes that he thought the Guild's Emera expert, Parvati, might find interesting.
Avery managed to give the orb to Parvati, though he also incurred her ire by crashing into her store. But he’s now signed up, along with Flamey Fivetails and possibly their new friend Mimi to go on a mission in the Wisp Swamp. They also bumped into Reuben Cloudsdale, who seemed nervous and a little lost, but all four are planning to go to Wisp Swamp for a Mission - once everyone gets back from preparing.

Creepy messages...

Meanwhile, Cairo Saturnus and Rhythian have signed up to help a Luxio find a gift for their partner in the Fragrant Meadow. Cairo saw a strange message appear on the Mission Board, but it was probably their eyes playing tricks on them. Right? The pair have met with Ondine and the sudden appearance of the creepy-looking Dustin startled Rhythian.
After Dustin went to sign up, Rhythian, Ondine and Cairo departed to Fragrant Meadow in search of a Gold Gummi.

A suspicious merchant...

Lucifer Bluepyre has seen the local evolution item merchant talking to a (quite literally) very shady ‘mon. Although Lucy couldn’t make out the mysterious ‘mon, his suspicions have been roused.
Lucy did his best to calm the ever-nervous Hadrian, who owns the evolution item store. In the process, he failed to find out any information about the dark-shrouded ‘mon who was speaking with Hadrian, but he did buy a one-of-a-kind blue flame pendant. Next, he’s trying to find some partners to go adventuring with. Nessarose Gemlinne has just arrived in town and the chief of police, Percival Flamefeather is showing her to the Adventurers’ Guild HQ before he heads home to sleep after a long night spent staking out Trixie Anon’s store.

Disturbed guildmaster...

Neo Lightfire met up with one of Guildmasters, Tock, and has successfully signed up to become a registered member of the Adventurers’ Guild. Tock seems to have something on her mind beyond just signing up new recruits, however...
Thanks to Dustin’s appearance, Neo quite overlooked Tock’s unease. The two new recruits decided to head out to Wyverns’ Roost to undertake a Mission. Tock, however, is having a very busy day as yet another new recruit has asked to sign up - the adorable, oddly silent Torchic Blaze. While she’s doing that, Babbu Nova and Casseopia are getting to know one another, and Silfie is examining the Board for a Mission to take on and friends to do it with. She has been approached by a friendly Demetrius, who is eager to go on a Mission. Kirby, after a disastrous first attempt to complete a mission in the Sapphire Fjord has returned to the dungeon, and has met up with his long-time rival Avon De'Celentae, who is now exploring the dungeon with him. Blaze has joined the Guild, however he seems to be distraught over the entrance of a tall, well-kept Zoroark into the Guild. Corrie is seeking to join the Guild.
For new players: When you join or are part of the Guild, you recieve 500G, 2 Oran berries and your choice of a Rawst, Pecha, Chesto or Cheri berry. You also get the Key Item ‘Guild Insignia’ which is a small, durable tablet that allows you to teleport to outside dungeons quite quickly (further dungeons take about half an hour to reach, while closer ones are nearly instantaneous) and send people back to the Tanzarine Adventurers’ Guild HQ. It’s also used to add additional members to missions away from the mission boards and can send emergency messages. It’s assumed you always have this with you and it doesn’t take up any inventory space. Suggested jumping off points are: visiting the Shops to stock up, joining the Guild (talk to Tock in the Lobby), grabbing a new mission off the mission board or heading out to a dungeon to look for shiny things for the upcoming festival.

Dungeon Quick-Start Guide

1. You can enter a dungeon solo or in a group of up to four people. 2. Every person can carry no more than 10 items when entering a dungeon. 3. Items do not ‘stack’ – 3 oran berries counts as 3 items. 4. Once inside a dungeon, carrying capacity is unlimited. 5. Dungeons range in difficulty from 1-star to 8-stars. The more stars, the more danger. 6. Watch out for traps in dungeon floors – some items can help you spot them. 7. Don’t eat everything you find – some items have lookalikes which can do tricky things. 8. Always think about crafting useful items before you enter a dungeon. You can’t craft inside a dungeon, after all. 9. Curiosity is the most important aspect of an explorer’s personality, and what makes us unique. Cherish it.
Enter my bi-monthly writing competetion here! Prizes to be won! Stories to be told! Explore the continent of Cassia and join the Adventurers’ Guild in Tanzarine City here! A PMD story with huge world-building, personalised storylines and mysteries galore! Avatar made for me by FlarinaFairy as a Secret Santa gift.
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Seeking Partners


Please just tell me what it’s like! Location: Fragrant Meadow Client: Gardenia (Charmander)
Objective: Explore the dungeon Reward: 50G + Sludge Wave TM Taken by: Demetrius

Available Missions


I heard rumours of a mysterious portal here. Can you find it? Location: Sapphire Fjord Client: Raven (Morelull)
Objective: Explore the dungeon Reward: 100G + 4 Cheri Berries


I’m a dedicated collector and I need this item! Location: Fragrant Meadow Client: Augusta (Grovyle)
Objective: Find X-Ray Specs Reward: 1500G + ???


You wouldn’t understand. Just fetch me this item, no questions. Location: Wyvern Roost Client: Fari (Herdier)
Objective: Find Cleanse Orb Reward: 75G + Pecha Scarf


Hahaha... please don’t tell my partner about this. Location: Precipitous Ravine Client: Benny (Talonflame)
Objective: Rescue Benny Reward: 100G + 2 Oran Berries


It’s too embarrassing... please help find my item. Location: Sapphire Fjord Client: Amber (Bulbasaur)
Objective: Find Leaf Scarf Reward: Chilly Scarf


I heard there’s an old dragon hoard here. Location: Wyvern Roost Client: Vanna (Bagon)
Objective: Explore the dungeon Reward: Royal Gummi + Reviver Seed


I heard rumours of a ancient tomb here. Can you find it? Location: Precipitous Ravine Client: Vernon (Diglett)
Objective: Explore the dungeon Reward: 50G + ???


So... dungeoneering is tougher than school, it turns out. Location: Wyvern Roost Client: Herbert (Togepi)
Objective: Rescue Herbert Reward: 25G + 5 Pecha Berries


This item is very important to me. Please. Location: Precipitous Ravine Client: Sharon (Murkrow)
Objective: Find Persian Band Reward: 75G + Painy Orb


No-one’s explored here fully – will you be the first? Location: Cradle Mountain Client: Ishmael (Druddigon)
Objective: Reach 7F Reward: 1500G + ???
RANKING 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Active Missions


My friend said my sense of direction is terrible. They were right. Location: Wisp Swamp Client: Barry (Pidgey)
Objective: Rescue Barry Reward: 50G + 3 Cheri Berries Taken by: Flamey Fivetails + Avery Shadowclaw + Mimi Jushi + Reuben Cloudsdale


This item is very important to me. Please. Location: Fragrant Meadow Client: Verity (Luxio)
Objective: Find Gold Gummi Reward: 150G Taken by: Cairo Saturnus + Rhythian + Ondine


I've heard that something really dangerous lurks here... Location: Wyvern Roost Client: Armin (Grovyle)
Objective: Explore the dungeon Reward: 150G Taken by: Neo Lightfire + Dustin


Mysteries intrigue me, and this is a big one! Location: Sapphire Fjord Client: Warren (Magikarp)
Objective: Explore the dungeon Reward: 150G Taken by: Kirby
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar


1. Tanzarine City

Mystery Dungeons

  • 1 Star
  • 2 Star
  • 3 Star
  • 4 Star
  • 5 Star
  • 6 Star
  • 7 Star
  • 8 Star
5. Sapphire Fjord 🌟 6. Precipitous Ravine 🌟 7. Wyvern Roost 🌟 10. Wisp Swamp 🌟 11. Fragrant Meadow 🌟
2. Berry Copse 🌟🌟 3. Argent Mine 🌟🌟
9. Aurum Tunnels 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
4. Dawn Dungeon 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 8. Sunset Spire 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Shop Directory

  • Welcome!
  • Trixie's Emporium (Items)
  • Galestorm Wares (TMs)
  • Crystal Oddities (Emeras)
  • Scrumptious Sweeties (Gummis)
  • Mystical Connections (Chanelling)
  • Stones and Shinies (Evolution Items)
  • Nature Food Supplies (Edible Items)
  • Dawnfall Hospital (Medical Supplies)
Welcome to Trixie's Mega Super Funtime Emporium and Ultrastore! We're always happy to see new faces and, as I'm sure you've heard, we have everything you could possibly need. And, of course, it's all of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our service and our stock, and we live to make our customers lives better for a very reasonable price. If we don't have what you want, you may place a custom order and we can get it by the next day for a very modest consideration. Please, come in and see what we have to offer. Spend a few hours, and as much coin as you'd like.
Hello, hello! It's so nice to see you, and of course I'd be happy to find you whatever you need in return for some of that coin I can see weighing you down. Please, check out my wares and buy as much as you like!
Cheri Berry 80G
Oran Berry 80G
Mago Berry 80G
Vanish Seed 180G
Decoy Seed 180G
Escape Orb 800G
Sandy Orb 600G
Racket Band 2400G
X-Ray Specs 2400G
Taunt TM 1600G
Chilly Scarf 1000G
You seek great power? The strength to utterly obliterate your enemies? To wreak devastation? To cook a flambe with your own magic? Well, you've come to the right place! I can make you the strongest, most versatile... whatever you are. Come and buy a TM or six. Look, make it a round dozen and I'll give you a discount, yes? Maybe.
Rock Tomb TM 1200G
Rest TM 1200G
Quash TM 1200G
U-Turn TM 1200G
Confide TM 1200G
Eh? You're what? Here to buy Emeras? Foolish fool, don't you know Emeras don't survive outside the magic-rich environment of Mystery Dungeons? But never fear! I can help you with any queries and questions about artifacts and devices you don't understand (I'm sure there are many). Oh, and if you didn't know, you need Looplets to use Emeras - I can provide you with a very basic Looplet, for a price. Very fair, good price. As far as you know.
Dust Sac 600G
Shoddy Looplet 1500G
Deluxe Bandages 1500G
Hmmmm-mmm! Can you smell that? Sugary-sweetness hanging heavy in the air. Just divine. Ah, you're here to buy? Excellent taste! May I direct you to our free sample tables, and thence on to our display cases? Take your time - choosing just the right treat is very important.
Yellow Gummi 500G
White Gummi 500G
Purple Gummi 500G
Black Gummi 500G
Grey Gummi 500G
Greetings, my child. Hmmm... From your aura, I sense you are yearning for something, yes? Of course you are. Do not worry, little one, for I can help you. I can make you complete, but you must prove that you are worthy. First, you must bring me the item which would allow you to evolve. If you evolve via your own strength (levelling up), then you will need to prove yourself by battle elsewhere. Using that, and with a modest donation of 5,000G , I can allow you to unlock your full potential and use moves you would usually have to evolve to access. Ah? You're curious why such a deeply spiritual person as myself requires something as mundane as money for my services? Well, it is true that this process is deeply personal and spiritual, but I still need to eat and pay rent, my child. Such is the world we live in, alas.
O-oh, are you a c-customer? Ooooooh, how scary... No! No, I can do this! I can! Hello, and w-welcome to my store! I'm H-Hadrian, and I sell evolution i-items. P-please, take a look at what I have in stock.
Fire Stone 500G
Multi Magicka 500G
Friend Cable 500G
Fashionable Scarf 500G
Soft Scarf 500G
Ah, nothing like a good fresh meal, I'm sure you'll agree! It's great to see other like-minded people around; let me show you what I have to offer.
Leppa Berry 300G
Oran Berry 50G
Vile Seed 100G
Blast Seed 20G
Carbos 980G
Oh! Hello there, I didn't see you. Gosh, I'm so run off my feet right now, quick, tell me what's wrong. ...Nothing's wrong? You're not hurt? Oh. Well, why are you here? You want to buy medical supplies? Like... preemptive preparation? Planning? Wow. Don't often see that kind of initiative. How nice! Yes, I suppose I could sell you a few things. Not too many; I need most of them. But I can spare a few bits and pieces. Let's see, we have... Oran berries for 50G each and Bandages for 300G each. How does that sound?

Crafting Recipes


Delicious Candy - A simply divine looking candy. Even looking at it makes you feel happier. Heals 15% health. - 2 Oran Berries + Vile Seed


Sweet Smoothie - A saccharine smelling shake topped with whipped berry creme. Cures poison (2 uses). - 2 Pecha Berries + any seed Bitter Smoothie - Even the smell of this smoothie puckers the lips, but it still looks tempting. Cures burn (2 uses). - 2 Rawst Berries + any seed Fiery Smoothie - A faint steam drifts off the top of this smoothie, but it's still cool to touch. Cures paralysis (2 uses). - 2 Cheri Berries + any seed Dry Smoothie - Despite the liquid nature of the drink, this smoothie dries the mouth and throat when drunk. Cures sleep (2 uses). - 2 Chesto Berries + any seed Tasty Smoothie - This smoothie is yummy and a very popular, well-selling drink at many cafes. Cures 30% HP (2 uses). - 4 Oran Berries + any seed Filling Shake - Better than a whole meal, and somehow tasting just like whatever the drinker most likes to eat. Cures the rare 'hunger' staus. - any 2 berries + any 2 seeds

Misc Items

Bandages - Finely woven bandages soaked with Oran berry juice to increase their usefulness. Heals 15% HP (3 uses). - Any Scarf + 4 Oran Berries
Dust Sac - A gossamer fine sac that holds Emera dust and allows it to be taken outside of mystery dungeons - 200G + any Scarf Shoddy Looplet - Looplet that looks worn and battered, almost jury-rigged. Holds 1 Emera. - 400GP + Silver/Steel/Grey/Gold Gummi + Reviver/Life Seed
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar

Location Descriptions

Tanzarine City


Tanzarine city is a bustling metropolis which is home to many varieties of Pokemon. It’s easily the largest, most populated city in Cassia, and has many places of interest for tourists and adventurers alike. When you’re walking, make sure to watch out for the cannels on the right-hand side of every street, there for the convenience of our water-type inhabitants. The east side of the city is the port area, where ships and planes leave going to many of Cassia’s smaller islands or even to other countries! There’s a lot of low buildings around the waterfront, only three of four storeys at most, and a lot of restaurants and entertainment. Cinemas, theatres, even a permanent circus – the waterfront has something for everyone. Down in the south-east of the city is the crafters and artificers’ quarter, where a lot of the building, heavy trades and industry occurs. There’s tanners, construction companies, an oil and metal refinery and a railway. If you need something made, you head here. South of the city is the market district, which boasts a massive street market and also loads of malls, grocers and various emporiums and other speciality shops. It’s the first stop for almost everyone who comes to the town, and there’s light and music late into the night, with most shops open for a respectable fraction of the day to cater to nighttime visitors. Some people say that if you can’t find something in the southern markets of Tanzarine city, you should go to the west side of the city and ask the Adventurers’ Guild. Regardless of whether that’s true, it’s a fact that you can see the Guild complex from almost anywhere this side of the city centre. The west side also houses a lot of the essential public services, like hospital and the fire brigade and police HQs, although they also have smaller outposts throughout the city. North-west in the city is the residential and business districts, with lots of high-rises, flashy cars and Pokemon looking smart and busy. Despite the very upmarket look of the place, there’s also a lot of cheap government housing here, so it’s not uncommon to find a building with quaint, vibrant window boxes cosying up to the latest architectural wonder in glass and chrome. The north and central areas of the city are very open compared to the close, winding streets of the other sectors. Government buildings with grim, stone facades loom around the city’s central clocktower and plaza, with this area being the remains of the old city, before Tanzarine began expanding rapidly. There are lots of plazas and courtyards with water features, and stone predominates here, in contrast to the metal and glass or wood and brick of the other city areas.

Adventurers' Guild

General Exterior

The central edifice of the Guild is a large clocktower which can be seen from almost everywhere on the Western side of Tanzarine City. Immediately in front of the tower is a large open courtyard lined with low flower beds, currently full of green shrubs and bare branches, without any flowers. In the center of the courtyard is a spindly fountain cast in bronze, worn by age and greened with verdegris. The centerpiece is shaped like Lugia and Ho-oh in a swirling yin-yang, representing the union between earth and sea. Around the central courtyard and stretching away from the courtyard are a number of low-slung concrete and glass buildings. Info on other areas will be added as required.


Walking through the large sliding double glass doors of the main building, the lobby opens up like a brilliantly lit flower. Brightly painted walls in vibrant but not eye-searing pinks, reds, dark greens and dark blues make the place feel large and spacious. A large curving mahognany desk, usually manned by Amber the Roserade or Felicity the Furret, is the most prominent piece of furniture, directly opppsite the front door. Behind it, there's one door to either side, with stairs leading upwards. The outside-facing walls have large openings higher up, near the soaring arched ceiling, allow flying 'mons entry, and the right hand side of the room is totally occupied by a beautiful, stone lined pool for aquatic Pokemon. Vines and plants trail over the walls and furniture and drape into the pool, furthering the impression of a beautiful fragrant flower. The lobby doesn't have much in the way of 'mon-made art, focussing mostly on natural decoration by way of the plants, natural wood sculptures and some uncut crystals embedded in the walls. There are comfortable plush chairs, a few big bed-like low sofas and padded perches for visitors to sit on, but mostly they're unoccupied since most people coming through are either Guild members heading further into the building or leaving, or they're visitors here to deliver requests and thus not waiting around long. Beside both sets of stairs are the electronic bulletin boards that contain missions and requests for Guild members. With their big blue screens, they are very noticable. There are other boards throughout the buildings, too, but these ones are very convenient for a lot of ‘mons, and easily the best place to try and find an ally or two to go into a dungeon with. Both boards have a big button on the side which can be pressed to have the Missions and information read out loud.

Mess Hall

Going up from the lobby onto the second floor, one will come across a broad corridor leading towards the back of the building. Smoky, yet delicious, smells often waft down this corridor, accompanied by the clatter of pans, pots, crockery on plates and the chatter of ‘mons relaxing. At the end of the corridor is a thin maroon curtain hanging over a wide door - walking through it reveals the kitchen and mess hall. Large ceramic ovens and crackling plasma conductors take up the back end of the hall, opposite the door, separated from the rest of the hall by waist-high brick counters topped with enormous buffet-style dishes of food, most covered by cloches. There are small piles of batteries, for those ‘mons who consume electricty exclusively or just like a sparky snack, as well as piles of gems and various stones, in addition to more ‘regular’ food. The hall is very tall, with dark wooden walls holding high arched windows through which Flying types come and go through the FlightGlass. The edges of the room hold a number of carved and padded perches and tables affixed to the walls well above where most ‘mons heads would reach for aerial guests. The right-hand side of the room holds a large, multi-tiered pool lined with fragrant flowers. The deeper sections, towards the edge of the room, have openings leading to aqueducts that open into the main ‘pedestrian’ waterways so that Water types can easily get access. There are also a number of floating tables, which are steady enough to hold lit candles no matter how rough the water. The pool also has a shallower section which comes to about ankle-deep and holds standard tables, chairs and couches on its non-slip tiles. This area is for amphibious ‘mons or those who just want to dip their feet into the water while they eat. A section of the pool and a part of the room nearby are cleverly insulated and designed to be very cold, ideal for Ice types. Near the kitchen, there’s an area surrounded by stones which has a sandy floor; this is a heated area ideal for Fire types to eat, and all the tables are made of stone while the chairs are padded with flame-proof cushions. Most ‘mons would find it too hot, however. Most of the room is taken up by long wooden benches and tables which bear countless scorchmarks, scratches, tooth-marks and places where Grass types have accidentally bloomed bits of the wood. Plates appear before people when they sit down, thanks to the SmartTech embedded in the room, and then they can go grab food from the buffet.

Trixie’s Mega Emporium

Trixie’s Emporium houses a number of stores as well as her own large general purpose Shop. The building is a three story high redbrick building, a little old looking but quaintly charming. There are huge arched windows on every floor with the ubiquitous Flight-Glass which allows flying Pokemon access but blocks weather and debris. The windows each have a colourful flowerbox at their foot, filled with bright blossoms. The interior features high arched ceilings with visible beams and rustic unfinished brick walls. The floor is tiled with black and maroon square tiles. Each shop is set a little way back from the central open space, in a little alcove close off with glass. On the ground floor, most of the shop space is taken with Trixie’s hyper-modern looking store which sprawls around three of the four walls which aren’t the entrance. Half-hidden but still pretty easy to find is Pavarti Gemtooth’s store, nestled in a corner. On the second floor, Hadrian has his evolution item booth sat in the middle of the open space, looking a bit like a naturopathy or crystal healing stall in our world, with evolution items hanging from the roof of the stall or piled on shelves. Around the walls are Moonstone’s dojo, filled with the relaxing smell of lavender, and Emma’s TM store which also does a fairly solid trade in retro music records and looks like a music store for that reason. Anthony’s store is here, too, a close, squashed little kiosk in the corner that smells of metal dust and looks a bit like a key-cutting booth (which he also does). The third floor is a food-court type area, filled with enticing smells from Rachael’s candy store and with fresh produce displayed outside Sarl’s shop. There’s a little cafe/smoothie stand in the central area too, but it’s currently closed for the holidays. There’s currently quite a few shops that are closed for the holidays, actually, and might open up after Spirit Falls.


Spirit Falls
A storm-ridden season, with early nights and constant thick cloud cover. Even when it's not raining, the air is thick and heavy with the promise of rain and wind to come. It's cold and damp, with heavy mists heralding the oncoming storms rolling in from the Eastern seas. The rare sunny day is pale, with weak watery sunlight, and its quickly swallowed by the ever encroaching weather. Most festivals in this season focus on light, family, warmth and easing the sea's deep rage.
Alterem Vambrem Aquirem

A note on money

Gold Poke, or just Gold, is a kind of ‘special’ currency in this world. Most things like food, clothes, camping supplies etc are purchased with ‘Silver’ and that’s not a currency anyone’s going to need to keep track of or worry about. It’ll be assumed you have enough Silver to buy whatever you need (I mean, not like a house or anything ridiculous, but you’re never gonna starve). Gold is used to buy magical or high-tech items, things that are uncommon or rare and very useful. There’s no real conversion rate between the two currencies, though unofficially you’d probably be able to trade either for the other currency. Gold is far more valuable than Silver, hence why it buys cool stuff like Bands, Evolutionary items and Healing Berries.
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar

Guild Members

Veran ‘Tock’ Doveflight – Guild Master
I’m Veran, but most people call me Tock. Don’t let the down feathers fool you, I’m fully-qualified to be running this little operation and I’ve got more than my share of adventures under my belt. You might notice my little glow-y wings – I’m actually part Sigilyph, so I have some pretty cool psychic powers, too. Mostly I glow and do paperwork. Someone’s got to.
Nayru ‘Tick’ Doveflight – Guild Master
This is my sister, Nayru, also known as Tick. You’re lucky she evolved; used to be people couldn’t tell us apart, us being twins and all. Oh, I didn’t mention that? Yeah, we’re twins, but people assume Tick’s older. And more mature. Pffft, yeah right. Anyway, she’s also the Guild Master – we both are – and if you ever need help finding someone, flying obnoxiously high or locating the nearest patisserie, my sister has got you covered. Seriously, though, she’s awesome.
Hilda ‘Valkyrie’ Softpaw – Storage Manager
Don’t let Val’s gruff appearance scare you off, she’s really helpful and the best quartermaster we could ask for. She knows where everything is at all times and can easily help you find any items you need, provided we have them. And if we don’t, I guarantee Val knows someone who can get them for you.
Dawn Harlequin – Chef
The guild’s head chef, Dawn keeps everything running smoothly and is definitely no longer allowed near honey and apples at the same time. She's cheerful and perky and always willing to get up to mischief. Sister to Ian.
Simon ‘Psy’ Splashfin – Treasure Hunter and Shop Supplier
One of the guild’s more well-known explorers and treasure seekers, he has an unerring knack for finding submerged treasure. He gives off a sly air, but is always happy to jump into a new, exciting adventure.


Trixie Anon – Owner of the Mega Super Emporium and the Item Shop
Speaking of getting items, Trixie can get you nearly anything and at what she assures me is a very reasonable price. She’s perhaps a little fond of the colour of gold, but she owns one of the largest shopping emporiums in the city, so she’s a good friend to have. Just make sure you don’t mention her to Percival, is all, or he’ll bend your ear for two hours.
Parvati Gemtooth – Artifact Enthusiast
Often commissioned by the Guild to look at their more interesting finds, Parvati is the city's resident emera expert, although they also take on outside commissions as well. Honestly loves all things shiny and enjoys examining non-emera curios too. They can be quite unwilling to part with their newly acquired shinies, however.
Emma Galestorm – TM Shop Owner
The owner of the TM shop in Trixie’s emporium, Emma can blather on for hours about moves and the mechanical details of TMs, sometimes to the point where people have just left money and walked out without her noticing. Due to some weird radiation encountered from a mystery dungeon no-one else has ever been able to find, Emma has a rather unique forme.
Hadrian Gigavolt – Evolutionary Item Shop Proprietor
The owner of a newly established shop specialising in evolutionary items, where Hadrian gets his wares from is a mystery, but he never runs out and they’re all top quality, so it’s fine. Right? No-one knows much about him, as he's very cagey about his past, his nervousness makes him instantly nonthreatening and disarming.
Anthony 'Laser' Carver - Treasure Box Opener
With a keen love of shiny things, secrets and fire, Anthony is well-known as a master smith of extremely fine work. He is dedicated to his craft, although his habit of accidentally spitting small flames when he talks undermines his attempts to look posh. The Adventurers' Guild often go to him to open sealed Treasure Boxes that they find in mystery dungeons.
Rachael Dimmire - Confectioner
Thoroughly dedicated to her art, Rachael could be an amazing food critic if she wasn't so invested in creating and improving her own recipes to sell in her store. She's always trying new things and could probably be persuaded to share some of her ideas if she found a like-minded soul.
Sarl 'That Guy' Vitari - Grocer
Running a natural food store and carrying an... 'eccentric' reputation, Sarl's known around town either as a great guy or an extreme bother. Always looking to make sure others are eating, and eating well, he's a terrible person to invite to dinner because he'll insist on helping but is always happy to have people around for a delicious, home-cooked meal.
Moonstone 'Moony' Violetheart - Channeler
Moony can be an intense person to meet, especially unexpectedly. She can read auras and is unafraid to offer advice to total strangers without any kind of preamble, introduction or explanation except for an earnest description of their aura health. Despite coming off as kooky, Moonstone can help a Pokemon to unlock their evolved potential without needing to evolve.


Percival ‘Paladin’ Flamefeather – Police Chief
The chief of police, you can usually find him patrolling the streets, overseeing mountains of paperwork in his office or glaring at Trixie’s office window wearing a pair of shades that only draw attention rather than disguising him. Bothering Trixie is nearly a hobby for him, and there's a betting pool in the station about when he and Trixie will inevitably hook up.
Ian Harlequin – Local Doctor
Ian's very used to stitching up adventurers after mishaps involving spike traps and honey-coated apples. He's always busy and while he can come off as harsh or dismissive, he does care deeply. Brother to Dawn.
Yvette Silkenspool - Craft Master
Yvette's a crotchety old biddy who hangs around the local community Crafting Shed. Although the Shed is community run, with no leader or owner, Yvette is the unofficial boss. She's grumpy but amazingly good with her claws, and is always inordinately pleased to see new faces taking an interest in crafting. Just don't slack off or leave the Shed messy unless you want to wake up suspended upside-down by spider silk in an alley.
Bronzefang Albarca - Manufacturing CEO
A well-known inventor and manufacturer of all things interesting and fun. Best known for refining FlightGlass and helping to make it cheaper to manufacture, they also have dealings in making magical appliances for the homes, helpful items for adventuring and they sponsor a number of Tanzarine city's large festivals. Rumours say Bronzefang used to be an adventurer themselves, although there are also rumours that they got their start selling flowers, that they have a swimming pool filled with money and that the secret to their luscious locks is honey, so people don't tend to take rumours about Mon Albarca too seriously.
DreamThief's AvatarDreamThief
DreamThief's Avatar
Avery Shadowclaw
The grey flagstones of the street were cold and a little slick with water as Avery prowled through the streets. Splashing through shallow puddles, although he studiously avoided going near the right-hand side of the street, where the local water Pokemon swam alongside the streets, he stepped with a lightness born of satisfaction and joy. His ears and tail were held proudly erect, and he felt taller than the old brick buildings the crowded along the edge of the street. His heavily laden satchel swung as he leapt up, swatting playfully at some dangling marigolds in a windowbox, watching droplets fly everywhere like tiny shards of crystal. Even the thin drizzle couldn't dampen his mood, though having been travelling for a while it certainly slicked his fur flat and beaded on his eyelashes. The dungeon creeping through the caverns of the Haunted Valley had been so much fun to take on, and his loot. Whoooo, that loot. In his thin leather bag, within a little nest of rags and scruched up magazine pages, the orb sat. In the rapidly rising dawn light, filtering through the thick cloud cover with steady determination but not offering much illumination, the dull purple glow of the runes etched on the orb was less noticeable but Avery knew it was still there. Thankfully, back in the streets and away from the eerie silence of the natural world, the quiet whispering that had seemed to accompany the orb was drowned out, and Avery decided it was all in his mind. After all, of course he'd hear things when he was all alone and out in the dratted wlderness. No civilisation anywhere. Gross. Whispering, real or not, aside, Avery knew Pavarti would love this strangely marked curiosity, and it meant he could pay Trixie a visit when he swung by the Emporium. This was the start of a great day! Whistling a jaunty, off-key tune under his breath, Avery continued his happy splashing south, towards the glass, brick and flickering neon of the market district.
Veran 'Tock' Doveflight
Tock stared down at the rain-soaked courtyard from behind the glass of the clockface. The large clocktower dominated the central area of the main courtyard, and was the tallest building in the Guild. Despite resting her head against the glass, Tock kept a tight grip on the walkway railing, her knuckles white. How on earth did Tick manage this?! The dim grey light of the rising sunlight filtered weakly through the clouds, giving everything a dull, pearly sheen that was almost pretty despite the dizzying height. Closing her eyes briefly, breath misting against the glass, Tock pulled back and hopped down from her perch. Summoning her glowing pink psychic 'wings' she felt herself become weightless, the cold metal beneath her claws dropping away beneath her until she was floating about a foot above the ground. A much nicer height, in her opinion. Downy feathers fluffed against the cold, Tock floated silently through the halls, admiring as if she was seeing them for the first time the beautiful paintings, tapestries and stained glass windows that adorned the walls. Scenes of battle, of ancient legends caught by masterfully wrought pieces, filled her with a rising anticipation and excitement. There was definitely paperwork and things to be getting on with, but just for today she might pop down to the lobby and help welcome visitors, new recruits and Guild members for a little while. After all, she smiled, Tick was out exploring, so there was no-one here to tease her about it. Tock floated gently down to the main lobby and, smiling at Amber, the usual Roserade receptionist, settled on the corner of the front desk by the bell, her mismatched eyes fixed intently on the open doors.
Nessa had taken her time getting to this town. This place, that she might end up calling home. It was an interesting thought, but she may want to just keep moving. She did know, at any rate, that this looked like a good place to spend time, especially with a celebration on its way. Her eyes flitted about the area, as she retreated deeper inside the town from its entrance. Now, what would she need to do first..?
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Cairo stalked over to the Mission Board. The celebration was soon, but he partocularly felt like going on a mission. He scanned the board before deciding to take on a mission about getting a partner a gift. It was set in Fragrant Meadow, which was relatively close to the Guild Tower. It shouldn’t take him too long. He narrowed his eye at the paper. He could do it alone, probably. But it would be nice to take someone with him. He decided to casually lean against the wall and wait for someone to enter who might be willing to go on a mission.
Profile pic made by me <3
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DreamThief's Avatar
Percival ‘Paladin’ Flamefeather
Clutching his cup of coffee tightly, eyes half shut with grogginess, Percival inhaled the aromatic steam appreciatively as he exited his favourite coffee-shop a little way from western gates of the city, near the police station. ‘The Bean Necessities’ was a dingy little place, a bit cramped for his admittedly large girth but they made the best coffee in the city. Possibly even in all Cassia. And of course, it did a roaring trade and made a fat profit this close to the station, even if you took into account the officer discounts they offered. With twelve shots of espresso directly under his nose, Percival cracked one eye open to make sure he didn’t walk into anyone as he made his way home after a long stake-out shift watching Trixie’s office. His gaze came to rest - still rather blearily - on an unusual but rather pretty Eevee with gems glinting on her body. He opened his other eye to get a better view. Hm, not jewellery but actually fused to her skin? Very odd. What wasn’t odd, however, was the slightly overwhelmed and bemused look on her face - he could spot a newcomer to Tanzarine from thirty meters on a foggy night. Checking a moment to make sure his police badge was still visible hanging around his neck, Percival wandered over and offered her a warm smile. “Hello there. New to the city?” (@Phantom-Platonic)
Cairo Saturnus
As he leaned against the wall, his eyes drifted over the room. This early, the lobby was still pretty much deserted, Amber the Roserade receptionist sitting at the front desk looking drowsy in the electric light. A slight flicker in his peripheral vision drew his gaze back to the electronic mission board, its glowing blue screen displaying the various requests. Except, as he watched, everything seemed to bleed and run like ink that had been splattered with water, turning into a formless dark blob in the middle of the screen. A dark blob that quickly took the form of words.
Cairo blinked and the words were gone, replaced once more by requests for assisstance and rescue. @Geminial, I’ll leave you ‘alone’ for now and see if anyone else wants to interact. If you do want to chat to an NPC or someone just let me know.
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Flamey was coming back from the nearby hospital to check on her mom. Since she was poisoned to a state that nearly killed her. Fortunately, she was alright for now, but had a chance of getting worse. She was at the request board, taking interest in the one where she'd have to head to the Wisp Swamp. Being her, it wasn't much of a issue. It's only a 1-Star dungeon. She agreed to do it, so began to prepare herself.

Edit for extra stuff

Before setting off to prepare, Flamey made sure to post she'd need a partner. Cuz, well, water types! She made sure she tapped that, and she was out again. Hopefully a electric or grass type would chime in and help her. This missing tail meant she had a lot of slack to pick up for, alone or not.

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