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Happiness Increase

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VelonixXx's AvatarVelonixXx
VelonixXx's Avatar
So apparently happiness effects egg productivity, and my 99% pair aren't producing as much eggs as I had hoped. I assumed it might be due to their low happiness, besides consumables I don't know how to increase it. I've put my pair into an electric field as they're both electric types, but the happiness doesn't seem to be increasing. Should I put them in a ground tye field instead? I'm not sure what to do...
selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
The daycare classifies them as "busy" and happiness can't be raised when busy. Remove them from the DC until the hearts are green and you'll see increased egg production. Or use Sweet hearts
Avatar by the most amazing Mochafox
VelonixXx's AvatarVelonixXx
VelonixXx's Avatar
Thank you! I probably should have assumed that xd
Zen's AvatarZen
Zen's Avatar
To add, assuming the pair you're talking about is the Luxio and Luxray, happiness isn't the only issue. The level difference, while not super big, will also effect breeding. Here's a guide on 90%+ pairs, which also has some tips for breeding as well~
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VelonixXx's AvatarVelonixXx
VelonixXx's Avatar
Wow, that's extremely helpful! I'll work on leveling up the luxio and do anything else to help increase the productivity. Tysm ^^ (It also explains why my Typhlosion 75% pair did so much better)

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