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Secrets of Mystic Island

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Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
The Pero twins looked out from the small boat they were in as they approached an island. Piro, the sportier-looking twin was sitting in the back of the boat, their female Nidoran Pins sitting next to them as they turned the engine to try and get to the island. Their dapper-looking twin, Poro, looked at a map while his male Nidoran Needles sat on his shoulder as his trainer as he yelled out directions over the noisy engine until the boat quickly came to a halt, getting stuck at the island’s shore. “Now what’s going on?” Poro said, slightly annoyed before looking up from his map and seeing the island. “You didn’t notice the landing?” Piro said before quickly turning off the engine, scooping up Pins and jumping out of the boat with a small splash. Poro flinched a bit from the splash his twin made and hopped out into the sand and walked to a stand with some maps, Piro close behind. The twins began to race each other through the woods, trying to find the path that led to the cabins.

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DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
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Daniel and his Rockfuff looked out the windo of the medium sized boat. He had no idea how to drive it, so Gastly had taken up the task. And then suddenly CRASH! The boat rammed into a rock and was destroyed. Daniel, Rockruff, and Gastly swam to shore and said hello to the Pero twins. Rockruff ran ahead and started to bark at Piro while trying to play with Poro. *Pero twins say something* *Daniel says something* *rockruff sniffs something and runs ahead* Daniel: Hey rockruff, stop! Rockruff: *starts digging* Daniel:*looks at item in the ground* Daniel:Wait what is that? It looks like a box!
Image taken from https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/637514-no-stop-touching-me-i-am-the-night Noibat is the night!
AJcamp64's AvatarAJcamp64
AJcamp64's Avatar
The sky was clear, perfect for flying. Goliath rested almost lazily on his Pidgeot, Aros', back. He always loved getting to ride on some of his pokemon. If it weren't so cold and windy in the sky he probably would've fallen asleep on the feathers. The caw of Aros roused him somewhat as he spotted the island just ahead. Feeling a sudden urge to show off he looked around for someone. He noted a girl in green with some pokemon nearby. He tapped on his Pokemon's neck to get his Pidgeot's attention. "Alright bud, time for a stage dive." A look of horror appeared on Aros' face, clearly not wanting to do that trick at the moment. He cawed at his trainer who brushed away his concerns. "Oh relax, I know you'll catch me, I have the utmost faith in you." Just before Aros could object again, Goliath had already jumped off of the flying Pokemon. Goliath fell from the sky going faster than he had been flying on Aros. He had a confident look on his face and was calm. Despite the wind, the speed, the ever closing ground he was not panicing. Closing his eyes he held open his arms, then felt familiar claws wrap around his arms. He opened his eyes to see Aros lifting him up and throwing him in the air, perform a loop de loop, then catch him on his back. The rest of the ride down was him flying in a circle that was closing in. Aros landed and Goliath had gotten off, both taking a bow in front of their audience. When they stood up, Aros pecked at his trainer's head in anger over what just happened, throwing up his wings to emphasize how he felt. "Okay yeah I get it. No more stunts without giving you more notice. Don't pretend you don't love doing the tricks for others though." Aros pulled his head away to feign offense. Taking a small treat out of his pocket, Goliath tossed it to Aros who snatched it, then proceed to hug and pet the Pidgeot, who seemed to suddenly forgive him. "Oh I'm gonna miss you soooooo much. 'Kay I'll be back soon. If anything goes wrong I'll let you know. Take care of everyone back at the ranch. Remember to keep practicing those moves. I'll check in with everyone tomorrow." He touched foreheads with Aros the straightened the bandana around the Pokemon's neck. Aros took off with such force that he caused a gust of wind to blow. Goliath waved to Aros then turned to the trainer with a smile on his face. "Yo."
Sydney decides to take a boat to the island, seeing as none of her Pokémon are good with water. She returns her Pokémon to their Poké Balls, gets on a motorboat, and drives it to the island. She's not very good at it, so she crashes the boat, and her Poké Balls go flying into different directions.
DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
DanielTheCake's Avatar
Rockruff unearths a strange box, and then immediately tries to open it. "Hmm? What is this bo- *SMACK*" (a pokeball has hit daniel in the head) "Ugh... What was that?" said Daniel while recovering from the blow. *turns around* "Huh? There's more people here?"
The Poké Ball opens, and out comes Free, a shiny Caterpie. She looks up at Daniel and is a bit confused as to why her Poké Ball opened in front of this stranger.
DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
DanielTheCake's Avatar
Hmm... Who does this shiny belong to? "Anybody lost a shiny caterpie? It just came out of a pokeball that flew at me!"

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