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Secrets of Mystic Island

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Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
The Pero twins looked out from the small boat they were in as they approached an island. Piro, the sportier-looking twin was sitting in the back of the boat, their female Nidoran Pins sitting next to them as they turned the engine to try and get to the island. Their dapper-looking twin, Poro, looked at a map while his male Nidoran Needles sat on his shoulder as his trainer as he yelled out directions over the noisy engine until the boat quickly came to a halt, getting stuck at the island’s shore. “Now what’s going on?” Poro said, slightly annoyed before looking up from his map and seeing the island. “You didn’t notice the landing?” Piro said before quickly turning off the engine, scooping up Pins and jumping out of the boat with a small splash. Poro flinched a bit from the splash his twin made and hopped out into the sand and walked to a stand with some maps, Piro close behind. The twins began to race each other through the woods, trying to find the path that led to the cabins.

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Pages: 123··· 8910

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