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Secrets of Mystic Island

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Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Meg smiled at all the newcomers. It seemed like they were getting close to having everybody there! She wondered what would happen after everybody arrived. But how many people were there? Rin followed Gloria around the side of the cabin. The Clefairy had found a nearby bush to hide in, and Rin found himself crouching down and playing a game of peek-a-boo with her.
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Maddie looked over at her Blaziken, Her shiny blaziken was standing by her, it looking around at the new place and the new trainers with their pokemon 'Blaziken...' The fire and fighting type softly said, sitting down next to Maddie who pet it, the pokemon let out a happy 'Blaz!' Maddie's garchomp was walking around, looking around the outside of the cabins Laurence looked over to his two fighting types to see them still talking, he gave a smile to them, Shiloh walked around the new trainers, giving a happy 'Lycan!' while it's tail wagged, His Altaria was now on the ground, resting
drif's Avatardrif
drif's Avatar
Estelle saw Aria walking in the distance, and walked faster to reach her. Although they were both planning to attend the event than was sent to them by mail, Estelle did not expect them to arrive at the same time. She had overslept and had to leave later than initially planned, not that it mattered much to her. After reaching out to her friend, they started making small talk about the travel or what they were hoping to find on the island. After a few minutes of talking and walking, they started seeing a group of trainers and went in their direction to ask for information.
Maddie's Liepard and Unfezant were now waiting for new trainers to help them to the cabins, Liepard sat there while Unfezant flew around a bit, Maddie had taken out a pokemon brush and was lightly brushing her Blaziken with it, Her Sceptile looked over and gave out a demanding 'Scept!' Maddie looked over and chuckled as she started to lightly brush her Ace pokemon Laurence continued to wait patiently, His lycanroc kept going up to the new people, wanting pets as it barked happily at them
LuckyTrefoil's AvatarLuckyTrefoil
LuckyTrefoil's Avatar
Upon arriving the cabins, Micheal notices the other trainers in the area. It seems there are a variety of people chosen; a short girl sending her two pokemons away, a brown haired one who looks pretty nice, and some trainers scouring in their to-be homes. The professors had quite a plan to add these guys along. He thought while placing his stuff by a tree nearby the buildings. Micheal stood and stretches his limbs from the heavy lifting, making sure to crack the joints free. Just then, Micheal's heal ball pops open and his Steenee gleefully waves her trainer. She then notices a Lycanroc running around and swiftly look at Micheal in excitement. The tall man stares at his partner, then at the other pokemons. He sighed but with a slight smile, "Go ahead. Have some fun." The Steenee's eyes gleams and she starts going around to meet the other pokemons.
Laurence watched as his Lycanroc barked and ran up to the Steenee 'Lycan!' It said happily as it's tail swayed, He smiled and looked over at his Pangoro and Lucario happily chatting Maddie's Garchomp stomped around, It looked at the other trainers and grumbled, It sat on the ground, fairly close to where Maddie was, Maddie smiled as she relaxed, Waiting for everyone to get there
drif's Avatardrif
drif's Avatar
The two girls arrived at the cabins and went to look for the organisator of the project. Because neither of them had a clue about who that was, they started looking for someone to ask about more information. Thus, they parted ways. --- Aria looked at the small group of trainers gathering and wondered why she had decided to come here. She had probably nothing in common with everyone here outside of being a pokemon trainer... or at least she thought. She felt bad for feeling so cranky. Aria thought to herself than the trouble she went through to get on this islan exausted her more than she initially planned. --- Estelle glanced at the cabins and wondered if she would get to borrow her own. She was starting to feel tired from the traveling and she knew her pokémon did too. Thats why she allowed them to rest in their pokéballs for now. Estelle felt a bit intimidated by the number of people there, but still tried her best to go ask the nearest person about some of her questions.
Maddie sighed, She was bored but then got an idea "Hey! What if we maybe think of something to do as a group so we could pass the time for everyone to get here!" Maddie suggested as she stood up, Her Garchomp looked over, her Sceptile and Blaziken looked at her too, Listening to her Laurence looked over "Yeah! That could be fun!" Laurence exclaimed, His Lucario and Pangoro turned, seeming to agree as well
Amethyst's AvatarAmethyst
Amethyst's Avatar
The sudden exclamation caught the girl off - guard, every one of them had been quiet as they waited - how were they supposed to know if they were complete already anyway - and the young girl's voice broke whatever silence hang amongst them. She shrugged one shoulder, saying, "Well, there's not much we could do around here... What did you have in mind?"
Frederick followed the flow of conversation, from the short girl and her suggestion to the male trainer agreeing and to the silver girl asking. Well, whatever it is they'll come up with, it's probably better than doing nothing
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"We could Train! Or I could run through one of my performances for you...Or...Or..." Maddie said, her Sceptile stood up, 'Sceptile...Tile' It explained, Maddie's eyes seemed to sparkle at whatever the grass type pokemon said "We Could even try and see if we can catch a new pokemon nearby the cabins!" Maddie added Laurence thought about what Maddie suggested "All sounds good to me!" Laurence replied, giving her a thumbs up as his pokemon nodded

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