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Secrets of Mystic Island

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Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Rin gazed up at the cabin in awe. They looked beautiful; more expensive than anything he’d ever stayed in. Gloria agreed, as she chirped ans squeaked and tapped on the walls of the cabin in a metronome-like way. Meg looked at the cabin and tilted her head. It looked a bit like her family’s summer home in Alola. All in all, even though it’s look was something she was used to, she was excited to stay there! It would be interesting without her parents there, gushing over everything all the time. She grinned at the cabin.
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Maddie noticed a Note on one of the doors "Guys I found something!" She said, taking the note off the door and went over to the rest of the group, holding it in her hands Laurence looked over a Maddison as she got the paper straigtened, Ruka looked over as well
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Meg jogged over. “Ey, what’d ya find? What does it say?” She asked, leaning over Maddie’s shoulder. She had no qualms about bursting the girl’s personal space bubble. Rin looked over with mild interest, waiting for the girl to speak.
Maddie read what was on the note "Dear trainers, if you are reading this then you have managed to find the cabins, You may decide living arrangements yourselves, Have fun! ~ the professors" After Maddie finished reading it she looked up, seeing if everyone heard her Laurence immediantly started to think about the living arrangements, Ruka thinking as well
Sakriana's AvatarSakriana
Sakriana's Avatar
Miriam lagged behind the others. She stayed more so in the back, although she watched with interest. The cabins are more extravagant than what she expected, and she wanted to know the background about them. "Let's just wait for now," Miriam mutters, stroking her partner's ear. If people wished to talk to her, she will let them come on their own. Though, having to decide living arrangements on their owns may provide some difficulties. Or fun...depending on how the opportunity is perceived.
Maddie then realized something "Oh dear, I should have a pokemon help new arrivals find the Cabins" Maddie said, going through her pokeballs, taking out a Master ball and sent out her Liepard, It looking at her "Hey could you look out for newly arrived people and lead them here?" She asked it, It smiled and nodded before heading back to where they were Laurence watched, Feeling his bag shaking as he tried to ignore it but it was super noticable
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Rin still stood back. He didn’t mind who he was with. He would meet them later. Meg blinked and stepped back, looking around. ”Well, there aren’t many of us here! I say we wait for people before we do anything.” She said.
Maddie smiled "I've just sent my Liepard to direct any new trainers here when they arrive" She said as she sat down with Sceptile, petting it's head softly as she just relaxed now Laurence relaxed as well, though he just leaned against a tree, His Lucario looking around as it went a bit off guard, His Bag kept shaking, it shaking a lot now
Amethyst's AvatarAmethyst
Amethyst's Avatar
The Flygon continued to fly overhead, refusing to land at the sandy shores. Canary was never one to question her pokemon and it seemed that trusting the dragon pokemon was correct - once it got closer, nearing the forest, she saw silhouettes of people in the distance. "Oh, good job, sweetie", she said to the Flygon earning a cry in return There was at least three females visible, each doing their own thing and two guys... seemewhat separated from them, all in front of some log cabins. Would that be all of them though or were there others she couldn't see? Hmm... she never really thought about any sleeping arrangements but she had hoped that at least a pokecenter would've been around and all that Once they were near and out of the trees, the Flygon landed and bent itself to the ground to let the silverette disembark. She swung her legs over, calling out, "Hey", to the others as a form of greeting
It wasn't that bad as he had imagined, after his Swampert had - playfully - deposited him on the sandy shores of the island. He was still somewhat dry, even with the ocean spraying him with how fast the pokemon travelled, the wind took care of that. Though he does feel like his face was a bit sticky but... no matter He pulled himself up into a sitting position and shook the sand off his back. "Well, that was quite a ride, Storm", he chuckles and indicates to the now present pokeball in his hand, "Ready for a nap?". The Swampert bobs his head and was soon enveloped by the red light. Well, he shouldn't be surprised, the island was quite farther than he had expected So... now what? He's gotten himself into the island what was he supposed to do next? All he could see was a Liepard by the forest line staring - or was it glaring? he could never tell with them - at him. He wonders if that is wild?
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Maddie's Liepard was scanning the Area for new arrivals, Noticing a new person arriving it looked over with a 'Mrow!' Maddie waved at the new person by the Cabins, getting up to go over "So we haven't yet decided sleeping arrangements, we were waiting till everyone got here.." Maddie explained Laurence and his Shiny Lucario seemed to practice some certain poses, they both seemed intensely focused though and seemed to not want to be bothered

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