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Secrets of Mystic Island

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It's a clear sunny day, today is the day all the trainers arrive at the island, Maddie had Packed her Bag and returned her other Partner pokemon besides her Garchomp, Getting onto it and headed for the Island Laurence had gotten Altaria ready after making sure his other pokemon were safely in their Pokeballs and got on the Dragon/Flying type, Starting for the directed island
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Meg wasted no time asking her parents to send her in a small boat. They had just near insisted they send her in the yacht, but she refused. It was too grandoise for such a small trip! So she had been sent in one of the motorboats, with her favorite butler, Flavio, piloting. She squealed when she saw the island in the distance, and the boat slowed down when they reached it. “Thank you, Flavio!” She chirped as she stepped off of the boat with her bag, which carried all of her belongings. Rin was getting a bit wet. He didn’t mind. Oceana was trying to keep him as far from the water as possible, but she was lithe and delicate, and made for grace, not heavy lifting. He understood when she dipped and he got soaked up to his knees. He felt she was getting tired. “It’s alright, we’re almost there,” he reassured her, trying to shout over the roar of the ocean as they glided through the water. He wasn’t all wrong. He patted her when the island came into view, and took pity on her, calling her back when he spotted the dock. But not before he propelled himself off her back. The force of their speed shot him towards the dock, and he landed on it in a heap. He got up and brushed himself off like nothing had happened, proceeding forwards while patting Oceana’s Pokéball and placing it in his bag. He had sealed his bag in a waterproof sack of sorts, so only the strap was exposed, and only the strap had gotten wet with the spray of the ocean. His shirt was also dotted with remnants of water droplets, but he paid them no mind. He just looked at the island and continued forward.
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Maddie exclaimed happily as Garchomp made a clean landing on the Island, She got off and immediantly her Ace pokemon was let out, The Sceptile looked around while Maddison returned Garchomp after thanking it, She looked around a bit Laurence's Altaria soon landed on the Island aswell, He let out his Shiny Lucario and returned the Altaria, His Lucario was on guard, it's eyes darting around
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"Today is the day we finally head off toward that new island to help assist the professor, eh, Marie?" Miriam speaks to her beloved fire starter while pulling her hair back into a ponytail. Saying she is excited is an understatement. The young teen is absolutely stoked. "Think we'll meet any new friends there?" The Fennekin flicked her tail in response. After watching the girl put her hair up in her desired wavy hairstyle, the fox paws Miriam's leg. With a tiny grin, the girl fed her partner a Poképuff she recently baked for this trip. "Let's get going! I should have everything in my bag, including the Voucher...best not to be too flashy with things like this, right?" Her fox companion barked in agreement. "Off we go!" With that long introduction being presented, Miriam raises her Fennekin to her shoulder and starts walking to the nearest big body of water; the nearest place to go to the island.
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Gingerly clinging onto her dear Flygon, Canary scans the horizon for any sign of the island. The trip hadn't been all that long - as compared to other travels she'd done so before - but she never was a fan of the ocean so traveling over it certainly wasn't her idea of fun Her pokemon seemed to share the same sentiment as it gave a cry, probably asking how much farther. "Just a bit more, sweetie", Canary patted the Flygon and pointed towards a visible strip of land, "It's already visible. Not much longer now"
There wasn't really anything to be gained as he continued to dig his shoes into the sand but he never was one to give reason to things anyway. The letter he had received was crumpled in his fist as he continued to glare at the sea - as if the waters would part and give him a dry path towards his destination. "Stupid me for not having a flying pokemon", Frederick grumbled A gush of water blasted in his face as his Swampert no doubt protested - but in his defense, he didn't actually mean any harm in it! "Alright, geez! Sorry! I just don't want to get wet!" Well... so much for that now as he shakes water off his shaggy blonde hair. He could've probably rode a ferry but those things were too goddamn slow. Storm on the other hand, would be like riding a jetski... that was much faster... and temperamental... Frederick sighs and gets on the Swampert's back. Better suck it up and get it over with...
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Maddie And Sceptile walked around, the two looking around a little spot on the island, Sceptile Made sure to stay near Maddie just in case a wild pokemon appeared out of no where Laurence and Rukario were just standing around, Rukario was looking at the island a bit worried "Don't worry buddy, We aren't gonna be lost, the professors likely got a person or sign to direct us to where we will be staying while on the island" Laurence explained to it
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Meg saw a boy walking around. The boy seemed to have a jacket and no shirt, but to each their own, she supposed! She went over to talk anyway. The Lucario was impressive, she had to admit. “Hello! My name is Pomegranite Cinder, but I don’t like it very much, so please call me Meg! I take it you’re on this island because you were called by the Professors, too?” She asked, tilting her head in inquiry, still smiling in a friendly way. Rin saw people. He saw them, he just didn’t quite feel like socializing. If someone came over to him, he suppossed he was obligated to talk. And he would love to talk with anyone later, it’s just that he preffered keeping to himself at that particular moment in time.
Laurence grinned while his Lucario looked at the girl, head tilted a bit "I'm Laurence, Laurence Brown, and this Is Rukario, though i like calling him Ruka" He said while patting the Shiny Lucario, it crossing it's arms Maddie tripped over a Dwebble, it snapping at her before walking away, Sceptile gave the bug type a death glare as it walked away, being even more protective than it was before
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Meg nodded, and gave an impressed whistle. “Shiny! How lucky must you be, huh? I just got normal Pokémon. So, were you called here by the Professor’s as well?” She crossed her arms, though it was more for comfort than any actual mood. The grin never left her face, in fact, as she waited for the answer.
"Mhm, though the other girl over there is making me question the range of people they called out, i mean she looks so young.." Laurence said as he motioned to Maddie, Who indeed was short but not that young, though it could look that way Speaking of Which, Maddie's Sceptile helped her up and she stretched after thanking the Grass type, it sighing as she looked around, Exclaiming when she saw something "Other people i know are here but do not know the names of! I found a Sign..Or...Box on a stand or something...BUT IT WAS LEFT BY THE PROFESSORS!" She exclaimed happily, getting the attention of the current people on the island

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