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Dungeon Crawlers! (RP~)

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Tal shot Maple an abashed grin, tail still swinging like a hyperspeed metronome. “Haha, yeah I guess...” He rubbed the side of his head with a paw before trotting over to sit near Percy and Maple. “Sweet to see new recruits have better sense than me!” With a loud exhalation, all thoughts of the Herdier immediately forgotten now that the situation seemed to be in hand, Tal flumped to the ground. He restrd his snout on his front paws momentarily, but quickly wound up rolling onto his side, gazing happily up at the Phantump and Spirat. His tongue flopped out the side of his mouth. “So, you guys wanna see anything in particular? Tei gives... interesting tours. She’s fun!”
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Maple rubbed her face with her paw seemingly satisfied that she didn't sound rude and let out a small chuckle. Her ears folded back and eyes looked up, thinking of where to suggest. "Do we have living quarters here? If so, maybe there." She almost face palmed. Of course she forgot to check if she could live there. If not, the Spirat was sure to get somewhere close. her ear flicked. "Or maybe the a lunch area. All that talk about those s'mores made me hungry." She admitted while purring. As much as she wanted to say the infirmary, Maple didn't want to interrupt whatever was happening in there. She looked towards the Phantomp. "Anywhere you wanna check out?"
Spirat made by me, Sprite of it made by cutieflypie permission granted to use and edit Kinaster and kenyip. https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/2811939 https://pokefarm.com/pm/read/Sei

Pages: 123··· 101112

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