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QUOTE originally posted by Novan-chan

[...] While I'm sorry and I understand that some of you have been frustrated for the wait, I can only give that sprites are being worked on an we're doing our best to get them out soon. With what's needed left for this wave, Its not going to be taking until January for it to release, even with the Holidays. Even while this next wave is being waited on, Future waves including that of DLC Pokemon have been in-progress. With already being stressed out as well as working on other projects alongside Gen 8, I'm not stressing myself or any of the other Artists for the next wave on an exact date because of the Market. [...]
I don't know about you people, but for me it doesn't feel right to ask for a release date after Novan-chan has already asked us for a bit of patience and understanding because of a whole lot of rather unpleasant real life stuff. Also, as far as I understand it, Novan-chan has already given us a ballpark release date: before January. That's within the 7 1/2 weeks left of this year. Less than 2 months. That's not too long. Can't we just work with that, please? I know, we are all frustrated. Myself included. But at this point I feel like it wouldn't make much of a difference if we had any more specific release date than "before January". Everybody who has been following this thread for the last few pages already has enough information to make an informed decision whether to open some boxes for the sake of the economy or not. Everybody else will most likely not change anything before the release of the Summon items. Honestly, we already tried vocalizing our frustration (and in some parts even anger). It just lead to more frustration on both sides. So can't we please just try to accept the answers we got, be kind to each other and be just a bit more patient? For at most 7 1/2 weeks? 2020 has been a terrible year for many of us, PFQ staff included. Can't we not just try to make it just a little less terrible for each other? (I'm sorry, I'm just so very tired of everything going on right now. I'm going to fade back into the background now.)
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Sorry if this has already been answered but do we know if G-Max forms will be coming to be PFQ?
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QUOTE originally posted by Novan-chan

QUOTE originally posted by Emily Jones


Answering Spoiled question

Silly extra hidebox just in case

We've already had thought of doing Gigantamaxing, but its near impossible to really get it to work on a fair portion of them with the Max sprite size on PFQ (100x100 Pixels). Some Gmax Pokémon, Such as Pikachu or Eevee could be reasonably done in that file size but more extremely- like the Galar Starters, would be very hard to make work, because very tiny Pokémon, very big other things in GMax forme... A range of details, depending on the GMax, would be destroyed. I've tested this out with Charizard Gmax, which is moderately difficult because it has some fine details around the face an markings with a lot of flames. I did it in 4 sizes and made 2 types of sprites to compensate for the size differences: 128x128: PFNew's max sprite size (It didn't use the WHOLE size) 100x100: PFQ's max sprite size 90x90: Art Team's typical 'limit' size for most sprites. Roundabout BW/2 Charizard's sprite size... Can't think of the size up the top of my head but its under 90x90. But, if I recall PFQ can't support increasing the Sprite sizes and it can break stuff. Which is one of the reasons why PFNew was wanting to be done. The larger size would be to get GMax's like Inteleon or Meowth to actually reasonably work... and I mean reasonably. Inteleon would still be hard >> We also don't wanna have cut off sprites (Ex: Manectric from Pokémon Pinball RS.) Cause at that point, some would be cut off an other's wouldn't, and that wouldn't really look too nice or clean. We're against sacrificing quality or compromising like that. So yeah, while we wanna at some point, can't really make them work on PFQ... Or if we CAN find a way to make them work then we haven't come across it yet, but we're still looking, and looking to do it right. Staff is currently handling other matters right now, but at a later time we'll be having a full discussion about this soon. ^^
@Prometheus I hope this answer your question!
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