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Haxorus High! - Open

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Are you a pokemon that struggles with getting stronger, mentally and psychically? Well now you can learn at Haxorus-High, With classes that help pokemon to learn, level up, grow strong, and even help them to evolve, With it's owner and principal, Ryuu, The Haxorus running the school perfectly, it is a lovely time for all!

A New year at Haxorus High is beginning, a new year means new students! Who will join Haxorus High this year?.....


Username: Pokemon Name: Pokemon Species: Gender: Role: Shiny/Albino/Melan?: Likes: Dislikes: Other:

My Forms

Username:EdgyWolfPokemon Pokemon Name: Ryuu Pokemon Species: Haxorus Gender: Male Role: Principal Shiny/Albino/Melan?: No Likes: Helping the school, Checking on classes Dislikes: Suspending/Expelling Students, Bullies in his school Other: He is nice despite his menacing look ____________________ Username:EdgyWolfPokemon Pokemon Name: Zipp Pokemon Species: Midnight Lycanroc Male: Role: Teacher - Battling Shiny/Albino/Melan?: No Likes: Helping kids be strong Dislikes: Loud students Other: If you give him a Gummi for rock types you'll Be on his nice side _____________________ Username: EdgyWolfPokemon Pokemon Name: Ruby Pokemon Species: Zorua Gender: Female Role: Student Shiny/Albino/Melan?: No Likes: Making friends, The Dark Dislikes: too much light, mean pokemon Other: N/A ______________________ Username: EdgyWolfPokemon Pokemon Name: Flare Pokemon Species: Incineroar Gender: Male Role: Psyhical Education Teacher Shiny/Albino/Melan?: No Likes: Being active, Teaching Dislikes: Not doing anything Other: wears a whistle around neck
Like any school, Haxorus High does have a few rules...


1. Four Characters per person 2. All PFQ Rules apply 3. No Overpowered Characters 4. Students with three stage evolutions should be at their basic or second evolution stage 5. Do not make anyone else fell less of themselves here, we are all here to have fun <3 6. Battles are to be done in the actual thread and not PM 7. Your character CAN NOT mega evolve or use z-moves on their own 8. Note that if your character injures another student or steals from them, etc, It will have In Character Consequences More Rules will be added in the future
Here are the taken and open teacher/staff roles (there can be many many students, Just put the role as student to be a student, Simple as that vwv)


Principal: Ryuu Battling Teacher: Zipp Type Matchups Teacher: Animus Guidence Counselor: Lumikki Psyhical Education Teacher(Helps with speed and stuff): Flare Evolution Science Teacher: Cypress Nurse: Mirabelle Co-Teacher (For any other teacher, one per teacher): Ron (Type Matchup), N/A, N/A (More roles will be added soon <3)


Per 1: Evolution Science Per 2: Type Matchups Per 3: P.E Lunch Per 4: Free Period Per 5: Battling End Of School Day PLEASE READ: Throughout each day the classes will take place in order, while sometimes you aren't there to rp those for the day it is in the RP, we assume your character was either already there or Arrived late!

Approved Characters

Ryuu - Principal Zipp - Battling Teacher Ruby - Student Animus - Type Matchup Teacher Ron - Type Matchup Co-Teacher Cypress - Evolution Science Teacher Celeste - Student Mirabelle - Nurse Maple - Student Mink - Student Jay (Jackdaw) - Student (Albino)Lola - Student Flare - Psyhical Education Teacher Lumikki - Guidence Counseler Toty - Student Gigi - Student (Monochrome) Norman - Security Guard/Part-Time Mechanical Maintenance Moon - Student Aiden - Student Sophie - Student (/ Hybrid)Torren - Student Bella - Student Jessica - Student Cloud - Student Opal - Student Kira - Student Chime - Student Slash - Student Julian - Student Charon - Student
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Username: Skylarin Pokemon Name: Animus Pokemon Species: Hypno Gender: Female Role: Co-teacher for Type Matchups Shiny/Albino/Melan?: No. Likes: ??? Dislikes: ??? Other: Has blue eyes. Username: Skylarin Pokemon Name: Ron Pokemon Species: Crawdaunt Gender: Female Role: Co-teacher for Type Matchups Shiny/Albino/Melan?: No. Likes: ??? Dislikes: ??? Other: Is covered in small scars all over her shell.
There is not a current Type Matchup teacher, if you'd like one of your characters to be the type matchup teacher and the other a co-teacher, that will work better
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Yeah, that's basically what I meant. They teach the class together.
I See, So which one is the teacher and which in the co-teacher?
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Well Animus I guess But really they act like more of a switch
Alright, Both accepted, I think i'll make the rp when all the staff spots get filled and we get some students
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Username: Geminial Pokémon name: Cypress Pokémon species: Gardevoir Gender: Male Role: Evolution science teacher Shiny/Albino/Melan: Shiny Likes: Calming nature surroundings, easygoing students Dislikes: Fast-paced lessons, rules from supervisors that he disagrees with Other: He’s really very pretty, and students get a kick out of it when they’re out on field trips and some passerby mistakes him for a female and starts flirting.
Profile pic made by me <3
Username: Phantom_Platonic Pokemon Name: Celeste Pokemon Species: Espurr Gender: Female Role: Student Shiny/Albino/Melan?: N/A Likes: Writing, being alone Dislikes: Large crowds, fast paces, fearful situations Other: She's into making and telling stories, but she's too nervous to share her work to the public -- Username: Phantom_Platonic Pokemon Name: Mirabelle Pokemon Species: Sylveon Gender: Female Role: Nurse Shiny/Albino/Melan?: Shiny Likes: Learning, kids, herbs Dislikes: Sudden noises, violence Other: She's relatively new, but knows what she's doing

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