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Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
Ariel looked over at Prof Dogwood and turned around petting her sleeping eevee’s head “well I hope you can figure it out...” Ariel said quietly as she walked out of the cafeteria and into the hallway. It was quite in the hallway no one was there Ariel was pretty sure that everyone was in there room and that she should do the same Ariel opened the door to see that her roommate Halley wasn’t there “hmm I thought she was asleep” Ariel said as Princess looked over at her empty bed. Ariel swaddled Echo like she was her own baby and placed her on her own bed “I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow” Ariel said to Princess as she picked her up and placed her on her lap.
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Aurora squawked as Veronica shot a withering glare to the partially visible Deino, not wanting to get the same treatment. The ice type stayed huddled under the bed. But Polar had different plans. The tiny Pokemon hopped onto the bed of Long Yan after a couple tries, grinning evilly as if it had a visible mouth before inhaling and spouting a pound of water on his face, snickering before ducking back under the bed.

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White Blanket's AvatarWhite Blanket
White Blanket's Avatar
Looking around the room, Long Yan was sure the little demon was in here moments ago, the door isn't open any longer, so it couldn't have snuck out. He tucks into his blanket a bit, unnerved by the tension of the situation. A slight clacking sound gained his attention, and he caught glimpse of something hopping up and down along the side of his bed. For a second, he thought perhaps it was his new magikarp, escaping their pokeball and jumping around like they own the place. However, Long Yan was quickly proven wrong, when Polar finally succeeded in climbing onto his bed, an evil grin adorning the face of the pokemon. Long Yan's eyes widen, most definitely startled, and gasp when a face full of water was shot his way. Head jerking back abruptly with the force of the wave, Long Yan comically choked and hacks the water out of his throat. Hair once again wet, now slick to his shoulders dripping to his knees, Long Yan's hand reached to squeezed the fluid out of it, trembling with a hint of annoyance. But he smiles anyways, cause fighting on the first day isn't so gentlemanly of him, especially with girls in the room. Not to mention, shouting with water in your nose doesn't sound so pleasant. "....you're....enjoying this aren't you." He said instead, peeking a little under the bed to look at the pokemon in question, water dripping off his chin and hair, coating the floor with liquid. He tries to remain optimistic, but with a little shellder testing his patience every waking moment of his existent, it was kind of hard. "What is it you have against me little guy, did I step on you anytime today? Did I kicked you in a beach? Poked you on the tongue? Or is this just funny to you, are you playing me?" He asks, then sighs as he got off his bed. "Nevermind, better me than another student." He said, flapping out his hair another time. With the floor now wet, he nearly slipped for the second time today, but he caught himself along the railing of the bed, and grins exasperatedly. With that, he just marches to the bathroom. Again.
Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
Ariel heard some sort of noise like water or something and wondered what it was so much weird stuff was happening Halley disappearing and what could happen next bored Ariel got up and walked out of the hallway Echo still sleeping in her arms she looked around but noticed that it was coming from Long Yan and Veronica’s room but didn’t want to get spotted “hey Princess...” Ariel said bending down at her Popplio “do you think you can check what’s going on” Ariel said as Princess nodded and slowly moved to the door of the room looking around.

Pages: 123··· 134135136

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