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Mercury had slunk back to her room, her assortment of Pokemon following behind albeit Noxide more slowly. Seemed like he... ate a lot. The red eyed girl yawned as she walked into the hall, largely ignoring everyone else. Veronica gave a cold stare, lifting his hand and counting off reasons she didn't stop it on her fingers. "1. I could not physically have done it fast enough by the time the attack had been used. 2. He would not give up after one failure, rendering it pointless. And 3. is I will not get myself wet to keep a canine from getting wet." She stood up, skirt smoothly sweeping off as the hissing Shellder hopped off, spitting water at the other trainer's shoe before following his own who was walking away. Aurora gave a cheerful cry before following.

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"it really depends on the Pokemon," explained Ms. Rockruff, "some eggs take longer to hatch then others. I'll be willing to come in tommorrow and give a base lesson of sorts, then come back next time with the battle pokemon everybody requested."
Jeanna seemed kinda confused. But shrugged. "Alright, whatever you say." Halley picked up Ruffly and placed him into her lap, showcasing him to her roommate. "This is Ruffly, i got him from a breeder."
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Roxy sighed as she stood up and got the most spicy thing that the cafeteria had before sitting back down, Roxy always has a taste for spicy things, She started to eat what she got, hoping the spice would wake her up for at least a bit longer as she kept eating it, Flare was keeping up his loud meowing and worried motions, He seemed to get more worried every second that passed by
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Ariel looked at the litten “what do you thinks wrong with it?” Ariel said petting the top of her popplio’s head “it seems worried” Ariel said looking around to see if anything would make the litten worried
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Roxy, who was sitting at a table by the table Ariel, Zachary and the others were at was continuing to eat the spicy food, Trying to keep herself awake, she almost looked like she could just fall asleep any minute, Flare tried pawing by the direction of where Roxy was, him starting to get worried when she saw that she was just staring at the wall since she was just so out of it
"Does it? I can't really tell." he replied and drank from his glass of water. The Pokémon looked like a dark-type, so there was always the possibility that it was just decieving them in to doing it's bidding. And, if this was the case, it wouldn't of been the first time Zachary was tricked by a dark-type Pokémon. He didn't remember seeing this feline before in the dark-type encyclopedia, but he remembered something that looked like it, so Zachary wasn't keen on taking any chances with this thing. As he thought to himself, he watched the direction he was looking in and followed his view to someone, who Zachary assumed to be his trainer. "Well, that seems to be their trainer right there. And it doesn't seem like anything's wrong. If you want to go over there and check to make sure nothing is wrong then be my guest." he said, looking in front of him again. Considering Mercury was the dark-type trainer here, it surely wasn't just a dark-type.
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Flare gave up and gave a smoke cough, Something that Flare would do when he's used his meowing too much, The smoke cough had a bit of a fire in it but nothing too serious as the Fire cat hopped over to Roxy, Rubbing against her, Roxy smiled and picked the Feline pokemon up "It's okay Flare, i'll go back to the room soon and try and get tired there so we can continue training to be the best fire type trainer there ever was!" Roxy said kinda loudly, Flare smiled and let out a happy meow, Roxy grinned as she stood up "Let's Get back to fletchling and charmander soon, okay?..." Roxy asked, her Litten nodding, Roxy finished drinking her moomoo milk and finished the food she got, The fire pokemon next to her was relaxing while his trainer finished
Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
Ariel looked over at the litten that walked up to his trainer “I guess he was worried about his trainer” Ariel said as Princess places her two flippers on the table “it’s amazing how people and Pokémon can care for each other so much” Ariel said looking down at Princess “also I’ve never asked you, how did you get your Pokémon Mr. Poofs?” Ariel asked looking at Zachary and his Pokémon
Roxy cleaned up the table she was at before getting up to head to her dorm, Flare was on her Shoulder, While walking by their table, Roxy gave a quick wave to Ariel and everyone at the table before continuing her way to her dorm, Flare falling asleep on her shoulder while she hurried to her room, once she got in her Charmander and Fletchling came over to greet her, she smiled "Sorry to make you all worry" Roxy said with a smile as she pet the Charmander and Fletchling's head, Picking Flare up after shutting the door and set him on the bed, Taking her Hat off as she laid down, sighing as she relaxed, Embury made a effort of getting up to the Bed to lean on it's trainer as it slept, Ember was on the headstand of the bed, Sleeping
Zachary overheard what the trainer said thanks to the volume of their voice. "So she's the fire-type leader in training. Is that what type that Pokémon is too? That'd make sense as to why I don't remember seeing it before in that book." he thought to himself. Zachary perked up in surprise when Ariel said the Drifloon's name. He replayed the question in his head a couple times and then turned his head away from her. "I got him from my dad. He hatched Mr. Poofs for me in a far away region, and then gave him to me as a birthday present when he heard that I would follow in his footsteps as a trainer who worked with ghost-types." The fact that he was gone now didn't need to be said. He didn't want sentimentalities from anyone.

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