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Gym Leader Academy

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Setup It’s a beautiful day! In the region of *REDACTED*, there is a school. But not just any old school, of course! It is a school for trainers who aspire to be more than just trainers! It is a school for people who aim to be gym leaders! These 17 children, from ages 11-16, will train at this school for a year, until graduation! Upon graduation, they can choose to go to the next level of Gym Leader Academy, or go off into the world! And it is on this day that these 17 children arrive to this school to start their training!
Chookha sprinted up to the school gates, sparing no time. She was within walking...running distance, so she had ran there on her own. She had her backpack full of stuff, and Emily was in her Pokéball. Chookha stopped at the gates. They were closed. She checked her watch. It was within the time she was supposed to arrive by. So why weren’t the gates open? Peering around, she noticed a small wooden sign hanging from the handle of the gates. She let out a little “aha!” as she bounced over to the sign. She squinted to read the tiny black print. The sign read, “Greetings, aspiring gym leader! The gates will be opened when everybody has arrived! Don’t worry, we’ll know when that happens!” Chookha gave a small whistle and leaned back from the sign, gazing up at the school windows, looking for signs of someone watching. She didn’t see anything, and so backed up and watched the school intensely for any sign of movement, hands placed firmly on her hips. The first post you make should entail your character arriving to the gates of the school!)
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The sounds of a car could be heard as Roxy's family car came to the school, it parked outside it and Roxy exited it with Flare on her shoulder, the Litten looked around as Roxy got her things and waved the car away, She noticed the other person but just walked to the gate, noticing the sign and read it, she sighed and put her things down and held Flare in her arms (i am going to have laurence come to the academy in a different post soon)
Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
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you could see a 13 year old blonde girl wearing mostly pink holding a popplio in her arms as she came running to the sigh to read what it said Princess barking at her to slow down as she stoped she almost hit the sigh looking down at Princess she said “oops sorry Princess...” But Princess just gave her the stink eye and pouted Ariel bent down to read the sigh “soo we have to wait” she said as she sat of the ground fixing Princess’s pearl headpiece “I guess I can wait right Princess?” But Princess didn’t even want to look at anyone Ariel sighed and looked up at the other people “sorry she’s like this a lot she’ll warm up I know it” as she started to pet Princess’s head
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Mercury stalked to the front gates with her hands in her pockets, Ron scuttling at her side. Red and black eyes seemed to dart in tandem before the female trainer simply rested her gaze on the obstacle. She sighed before heading over to the gate, leaning her back on it before eventually just sliding down to sit next to the gate. The Corphish scuttled next to her and sat down.

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Flare laid in Roxy's arms and purred, the litten relaxing, it jumped up as a Riolu was heading straight to the gate and Mercury, But was returned before it hit the gate, Laurence was huffing as he walked up, His jacket over is bare chest as he let Riolu out again, Looking at it "Please be more careful buddy, Sorry about that" He said to Mercury, His Riolu nodded and looked around at everyone else, "Oh, Hey..." Laurence said to everyone else, Roxy waved as Flare sat next to her.
There were two kids who seemed to come around, neither of them being near each other, but going up to the school from opposite directions. One of them seemed spaced out, as if not completely in the world. The other seemed vaguely similar, but for different reasons. Yes, he has some headphones in, getting lost in the music he was listening to. But they were both heading to the same place, and didn't seem to interact with each other. And yet, they were both here, and ready for their education. To become Gym Leaders... Two with different reasons, but the same goal in mind...
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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Ozona and Strato were heading up to the gates, with the slightly impatient sister of the duo complaining to see them closed. "Strato. We have to wait, I guess?" "Seems like it, sis. But you know I kinda like waiting." He just pulls out a pokèball which she silently holds, as that belonged to Rook. Crash was in her ball, while Strato kept reading one of his Kalos travel guides. The duo would prefer not being talked to, but would reply if they were.
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Roxy relaxed, not bothered as Laurence and his riolu practiced punching in the air, They were making them look very much like a Fighting type duo "I'm so excited for this!" Laurence happily exclaimed to his Riolu "Riolu!" It responded with a smile, Roxy's Litten was a bit annoyed as it put it's paws over it's ears, "Mrow..." It hissed as Roxy smiled and pet it
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
Geminial's Avatar
Chookha’s eyes flickered from the school. “Oh,” she said out loud. “People have arrived.” Seeing that almost everyone else had their Pokémon out of their Pokéballs, Chookha reached into her backpack and fumbled around a little, finally grasping the Pokéball after a bit. She pulled it out and tossed it up. Emily sprung out of the Pokéball, glancing around cautiously. Noticing her surroundings, the Scyther perked up. Chookha smiled at Emily, and then focused on observing everyone else there. She didn’t speak, only observed. She was a bit fascinated by the Riolu, and stared at it intensely. Meanwhile, Emily milled about, gazing at the gate.
Laurance's Riolu seemed very excited as it hopped up and down and stared at the gate, waiting happily, Roxy just smiled and took out a phone and headphones, deciding to listen to some music while she waited, Flare was asleep next to her, bored by just waiting

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