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The Thrill of Contest Spectaculars! (RP!)

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Maddie leaned on her Sceptile to rest a little while they waited. "Kusa~ I'm bored~" Maddie groaned to the grass type, It gave a slight grin "Scept...Tile...Sceptile.." The grass type said, not making any sense to anyone but Maddison. "Oh! I should!" The Girl replied as she took out a pokeball and let Yami out, the Liepard grumbled but stood up and shaked itself awake. "Sorry to let you out while you were resting, but Kusa suggested you getting used to the place, we don't know how long we'll be here!" Maddison said to the Cat pokemon, in her normally cheerful voice. The Dark type simply gave a slight nod as it looked around but then laid down by Maddie's feet and observed everything.
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Pages: 123

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