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The Thrill of Contest Spectaculars! (RP!)

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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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Opal leaped off Millie’s head and ran into the room. “Hey, wait up! I’m not as fast as you.”, Millie called out.
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Almost like clockwork, Selina nodded and headed towards the dressing rooms. She seemed like she'd done this before, and she had. Her whole life up until this point had been training for, well, this point. Pip looked snooty as she got carried to the room, overconfident in herself and her trainer. Wonder if that'll come back to bite her...

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Sirius quietly merged with the group, Erina at her side. She seemed sorta nervous about this whole contest thing, but also oddly excited... Erina had her usual calm composure, and put her hand on Sirius' in a reassuring way.
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(Somehow we were not subscribed to the setup thread, terribly sorry y'all) Azure hummed softly to themself as they went into the dressing room. Teal was perched on their head like normal, and the Swablu was staring at the other context Pokemon. Azure was mostly calm, they were interested in contests for fun first and foremost, but there was a slight edge of anxiety over being watched. They were able to shake the twinges of anxiety away as they changed and as their Pokemon, Teal and Pera, felt confident in themselves.
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(( bet y'all forgot this existed but it still does!! Lisia opened the door to the dressing room. The lights reflected off the white tiles, creating a shimmering effect. Large mirrors covered the back wall, and to the right were the dressing rooms. Lisia walked over to a vanity and happily pulled all the drawers out, pulling out all sorts of makeup. Ali quietly made his way over to a small pile of pillows near the mirrors and sat down.
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Maddie arrived at the Contest Hall, she huffed, Her Sceptile was out of it's pokeball, helping Maddison with her things. "Sorry to have to ask you to help...But I'm not the strongest person..." Maddie said to the grass type with a giggle, it simply nodded as it continued to help her. "I'm so excited to meet all the new people that'll be here!" Maddie exclaimed as she hurried to the door, Carefully opening it and peered inside with Kusa watching her. Maddie carefully walked in and looked around more, the grass type walked in behind her, Looking around as well. "Hello? Anyone around?" She asked, looking around a bit more as Kusa put the suitcase it was carrying down and relaxed a bit, but stayed on guard.
Meanwhile, a sleek girl with pink and blue hair strolled into the Contest Hall. A little Inkay with an adorable tie floated behind her. "Are we late for the Contest?" she asked, strolling up to Maddie from behind. "I overslept. Calamari here wouldn't go to sleep last night until I played with him for an hour or two." She rolled her glittering green eyes. (@Edgy)
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Maddie was surprised by the other voice, turning to the other girl, Kusa looked over as well, the Sceptile eyeing the Inkay and the person. "No, I don't believe so...though i've just arrived myself so i wouldn't know," She replied with a smile. She looked at the girl before adding, "Oh! And i'm Maddison, But call me Maddie, and this Sceptile is my partner, Kusa, Well one of my partners, my other one is in it's pokeball, resting" Maddie smiled as finished talking, Kuse still seemed to be on guard but relaxed a slight bit when Maddie was talking. (@Jirachi)
LunaUmbra's AvatarLunaUmbra
LunaUmbra's Avatar
A young man with long, dark hair quietly entered the contest hall, his shiny Shuppet floating along beside him. The two seemed almost opposites; the pokemon's happy expression completely countered the man's stoic, disheartened expression. He truly seemed like he did not want to be here. Still, Levi marched off to the dressing rooms, as if this weren't his first time doing so, and began to unload his two small bags into the drawers provided, keeping his two pokeballs with him and nothing else.
Sky gave a slight nod. "My name is Sky," she said, "and this little troublemaker is Calamari." She strode past Maddie, opting to walk up to the nearest staff member. "Excuse me fine sir," she said as Calamari floated near, "are we late for the Contest?" (@Edgy, @octo) (...why is Sky the first person to think of this)

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