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Giratina wants to FIGHT

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I was walking in a cave, my faithful Scizor, Slice, right behind me. I heard a rumble, and a great monster faced me. I tried to run, but I heard a deep voice, telling me "Giratina wants to FIGHT!" I took out my PokeDex and got no info. Slice got in front of me, and the battle started. "Use Swords Dance!" I wanted Slice to be powered up. After he was done, the Pokemon, I guess it was called Giratina, lunged. It used Dragon Claw. Slice quickly dodged. "Night Slash!" It made contact, but Slice was hit down by another Dragon Claw attack. He fainted, and I recalled him. I called out my next Pokemon, a Swanna I called Grace. She was startled by the enemy's size and power. "Aqua Jet!" It hit Giratina, and he stumbled. When he tried to attack, I yelled "Air Cutter!" She hit his claw, nullifying the attack and doing some damage. "Steel Wing!" She dived down at Giratina. This time, he caught her wings in his claws and knocked her out with Dragon Breath. "Return!" (WIP)
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