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LF: 90%+ Pairs

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Silvahrush's AvatarSilvahrush
Silvahrush's Avatar
Ello ello! Recently came back to the game after some time away, i want to dip into breeding so i need to find some pairs I honestly dont know what kind of price range to expect so yeah XD Pairs i reallllly want Gosold Kenyip Others i really want XD Hoothoot Smeargle Camerupt Dwebble Archen Rufflet Offer away though with ones that arent on the list here, i will look at other pairs <33
I have these pairs if they interest you: 98% Froakie 98% Spiritomb 96% Pidgey 94% Starly 95% Pumpkaboo Super size Looking for 25GP/25kCr/5ZC per pair
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ChocolateYeti's AvatarChocolateYeti
ChocolateYeti's Avatar
I have a 98% Croagunk pair and a 98% Alolan Grimer pair, if you're interested. 10gp/10k credits per pair?
Gamekatt101's AvatarGamekatt101
Gamekatt101's Avatar

I have these ones! :D 25 GP per pair?

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Angel Hope's AvatarAngel Hope
Angel Hope's Avatar
I have a few fields labeled "UFT breeding pairs" I'm looking to sell. All of them have 90%+ pairs for trade. Price is pwyw.
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Mistyme's AvatarMistyme
Mistyme's Avatar
I have 5 fields full of pairs, lemme know if you are interested in any ^^
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niarain's Avatarniarain
niarain's Avatar
Hello :) I have these 99% pairs and other in my fields


Wagell Noibat/noivern Joltik Zorua/Zoroark Vulpix (fire) They are - 20k / 20 Gp / 4 Zc - Variant and Exclusive pairs are 50k / 50 GP / 10 Zc - Rare gerder pairs are + 10k / 10 Gp / 2 Zc
Please let me know :D
Silvahrush's AvatarSilvahrush
Silvahrush's Avatar
Thats alot of Variety you guys omfg ALRIGHT starting from the top XD Silverdarkness, Uber interested in Froakie, Pidgey, spiritomb, Starly and Pumpkaboo ChocolateYeti, I will take both of those <33 Gamekatt101, mmm yaaasss Vulpix, Zoroark, Joltik, the nido pair, Fletchling and Snivy AngelHope, You have a Trapinch and Vibrava pair i am really interested in MistyMe, Do want your Litleo/Pyroar pair, Rockruff, Absol amd Amaura/Aurorus AND Niarain, my dude The wagell pair pls and the noibat/noivern
Angel Hope's AvatarAngel Hope
Angel Hope's Avatar
Perhaps 25k credits for the pair?
Silvahrush's AvatarSilvahrush
Silvahrush's Avatar
Yup! I can do that <3

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