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selling/gifting shines, legendary, pairs, boxes, gems

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ekoglitch's Avatarekoglitch
ekoglitch's Avatar
Hello, I haven't been on this site in ages so I'm doing a massive yard sale! Everything in the "$UFT$" fields are avalible to offer on, while all pokemon in the "$PAIRS UFT$" and everything in my "FROM WT" fields are free shiny and albino prices: 1,280 EHP = 10gp/10kc 2,560 EHP = 20gp/20kc 3,840 EHP = 30gp/30kc 5,120 EHP = 40gp/40kc 6,400 EHP = 50gp/50kc 7,680+ EHP = 100gp/100kc These medium gems are for trade: 42x grass = 15kc/15gp each CROSS-SITE TRADING edit: I'm weary of cross-site trading due to pokemon IP issues so I'm not going be doing anymore, sorry!
journalflight risingcredits
avatar by fishcake, charm by drkrogue
zebranseal's Avatarzebranseal
zebranseal's Avatar
Hi! Is it alright for me to have your alteria please?
ekoglitch's Avatarekoglitch
ekoglitch's Avatar
@zebranseal Hey! I'm guessing you're referring to the lv100 one in the WT field?
how much gp for these shiny Yamask,shiny snorunt,albino hunter
ekoglitch's Avatarekoglitch
ekoglitch's Avatar
@PrincessClefairy oh boy I forgot pokefarm doesn't have a search forums feature, rip.... well it seems ~50gp/50kc is the current shiny trend so how about 30gp/30kc each?
so 80gp for all 3 if so sure
ekoglitch's Avatarekoglitch
ekoglitch's Avatar
@PrincessClefairy 3 x 30 = 90 lol but sure I can do 80gp for all 3
Totomew's AvatarTotomew
Totomew's Avatar
Hi! How much for these cuties? ^^ Mega Mewtwo Albino Bayleef Shiny Gliscor Shiny Steenee And how much where you looking for per box? :)
Hi! ~
Ashes20's AvatarAshes20
Ashes20's Avatar
How much for your inflae eand genisect?
ekoglitch's Avatarekoglitch
ekoglitch's Avatar
@Totomew oh thank you so much for linking the pokemon! mega mewtwo 90k credits / 90gp albino bayleef 40k credits / 40gp shiny glicor 30k credits / 30 gp shiny steenee 30k credits / 30 gp and each box 20k credits / 20gp + @Ashes20 inflae I'll send over for free genisect 200k credits / 200gp

Pages: 123··· 8910

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