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redhot72's Avatarredhot72
redhot72's Avatar
Hey guys, this is my story so far. Let me know what you think of it.


There was a group of kids. They lived in a regular town on Earth. They had been friends for a very long time. They loved Pokemon. They played the games, traded cards, and even watched the anime. One day they were hanging out in the woods. They found an ancient artifact. At least it looked ancient to them. It had been sitting in the woods for months, waiting for someone to notice it. One boy bent down for a closer look. He had never been as competitive when it came to Pokemon. He collected cards for fun. He played the games for fun. He loved the different monsters and characters and story lines. And this is why he was chosen. As soon as he bent down, the device scanned his face. He jumped back, surprised, and everyone else began to whisper to each other. The screen of the device read MATCH FOUND, and began to hum, as if it was just starting up. The screen began to list of what seemed to be some sort of code. RED GOLD RUBY DIAMOND BLACK X SUN SWORD ORANGE The device then began to scan the entire crowd of kids. It then focused on one individual, the boy's best friend, and exclaimed MATCH FOUND again. Another list appeared, except this time it was different. BLUE SILVER EMERALD PEARL WHITE Z ECLIPSE SHIELD PURPLE Now the kids were starting to laugh. They figured they had stumbled upon some toy. And if they knew what it really was, at the time they probably would have thought the same thing. A girl walked over and picked the device up. She snickered. She laughed. She kept laughing when it scanned her face. A new code came out. GREEN CRYSTAL SAPPHIRE PLATINUM GREY Y MOON BROWN The device then focused on another girl, and scanned. One last time it began to read out lines of data. YELLOW WALLY LILLIE PINK The device scanned the crowd again, and in a flash of light they were all gone. When they woke up, they were all in a lab. The first boy instantly jumped up. Thinking he was being experimented on, he pulled a drawer out of the nearby desk and attacked one of the scientists with it. The boy was small, but muscular. He took out a scientist twice his size. A guard came out and jabbed a taser into the boys back. The boy was unfazed however, and lifted the guard and they him. The other kids lay in their beds watching, amazed. It was then that a scientist ran into the room. The boy recognized him, but couldn't believe his eyes. "Hello," the man said. "My name, is Professor Willow. I have discovered another universe. This universe is completely empty except for one egg. My theory is that this egg will hatch, kick-starting the Pokemon universe. You four have been fortunate enough to have found my device. You will be the prophesied heroes of this universe, with the other kids who were with you being the minor characters. The universe will randomly pick more people from Earth to fill in missing spots. I'm sorry I'm giving you all of this information at once, but we do not have much time. Professor Burnett will fill you in on the details." The professor hurried off as a woman approached the kids. She introduced herself as Professor Burnett. She told the kids that they had found a Vs. Finder, a device meant to find potential trainers and test them for compatibility. It then assigned them to different roles in the Pokemon world. She gave each of the kids a space suit and told them to put it on. She pushed them into a room, wished them good luck, and closed the door. Still confused, the kids don't realize the portal in the room, and became even more confused when it sucked them in.

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