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Albino Radar is dumb

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Calico Cat's AvatarCalico Cat
Calico Cat's Avatar
I just wasted 100,000 interaction points on charging the albino radar, I charged it to level 7, thinking it would last 24 hours. It lasted 14 minutes, I hachted nothing, I gained nothing, and I lost 100,000 interaction points. The albino radar should last 24 hours, not until the day ends. This would make it easier for newer players to use. If your not going to do this maybe write a better description on what it does or how to use it. Honestly it is partialy my fault this happened, I should have done a test run at level one when I was using it for the first time, or gone online and looked it up, waited until the eggs were ready to hatch maybe? They should put a better discripton and make it last 24 hours. Also I want my 100,000 interaction points back, if that is possible.
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Albino Radar Page

Your Albino Radar has not been charged today. Give it some Interaction Points and get hatching! The boost will last until the end of the current day.
It is on the page. You could make a suggestion for it to behave differently, but it's been like this for years so it'll be an uphill battle and you'd probably get pretty strong pushback if you worded it just like this thread tbh. If you haven't used shiny charms before, they work the same way, so watch out for that too. Edit: Nope I'm super wrong they say 24hr sorry
Calico Cat's AvatarCalico Cat
Calico Cat's Avatar
Thanks, I will probably never be able to get a shiny charm though, I'm pretty sure they cost money... that I don't have...
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
I was wrong about those anyway. You can sell in-game items for the premium currency here, so it's possible to get that stuff it just takes a long time. I got most of mine by selling boxes, so you should upgrade your scouring as soon as you can to start earning money :) Because I like edits: the way the albino radar works is probably tied to an older, removed mechanic where you had to level it up over multiple days to get the max boost. I wonder if, with that gone, it would be better to have it be like shiny charms? Food for thought, but I'm not hunting enough these days to make the thread myself.
Vixony An's AvatarVixony An
Vixony An's Avatar
The info is actually on the page! It only lasts until the end of the day. We all learn from our mistakes. The albino radar enables the possibility of getting an albino, but does not garuntee any. The chances are lower for users without hypermode too. I’d suggest only charging it to level 6 unless you’re planning to go all out on your hunt that day, then charge it to level 7! Good luck with your hunt :>
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QUOTE originally posted by Vixony An

The chances are lower for users without hypermode too.
This is incorrect. HM has no effect on albino chances. The Uber charm, however, does.
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
Pretty sure there's actually a note added that warns you that the day is nearly over and that you won't get as much of a benefit...
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