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The Thrill of Contest Spectaculars!

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Ooh, nice! Mind if I do a little advertising?
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:00 of course not!! you can advertise!!
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Here is my liddol friccer


I wanna be a Contest Star! Character name: Selina Age: 9 Gender / pronouns: Female, she/her Appearance:

Made on Picrew by @mzk870_1
Contest outfit:

Made on Picrew by @mzk870_1
Personality: Being young, she uses this charm to its fullest and pushes a very sweet, energetic, and cute personality in her performances. She's pretty laid back (if not spoiled) outside of contests, but tends to be grumpier too. She probably wouldn't shy away from sabotaging someone, as her parents encouraged it. Backstory: Her rich parents wanted to have her be their dream child, so they started her off in contests almost instantly after she was born. She used their Pokémon until the day she obtained her Cleffa, Pip, for her 7th birthday. Her parents push her to optimize Pip for contests, so she has a very particular taste in the 'appeal' of a mon. Other: Her parents are obviously not the healthiest for her to have at this age, but luckily she's spending time away from them and can hold up alone. Password?: Water Indigo


Pokemon 1's name: Pip Species: Cleffa Gender: Female Type: Moveset: - Sing - Sweet Kiss - Disarming Voice Appearance: Normal Cleffa, has the same blue bow Selina has on her left shoe in her contest outfit in the middle of her head Personality: Naughty, highly curious Other: Pip is nearly as spoiled as Selina, and tends to act better than any other Pokémon (probably even Arceus).

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octoren's Avataroctoren
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welcome to the rp fellow ren!!
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Ayyy Ren squad--
octoren's Avataroctoren
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so uh, in disregard to the 4 people joining thing, i decided, "hey! i can be the fourth contestant in the first few rounds until someone else joins!!" and made the rp!!: which is here!!
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Uh, lil bump with some advertising The main rp for this still hasn’t picked up Ren, I think you gotta go and enter your character!
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crap, I thought I was subbed!
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I wanna be a Contest Star!


Character name: Azure Age: 16 Gender / pronouns: Nonbinary, they/them Appearance (image or description works!): They have dark eyes and moderately dark skin and their hair is dyed two tone blue and white. They tend to dress fairly airy with room to move and tends to switch outfits fiarly often. They have a strong preference for the color blue. Contest outfit (same as appearance!): A dress consisting of several blues and whites with bracelets that have long blue ribbons connected to them for effect. They wear pants that go to their knees underneath the dress. Their outfit consists of cloud motifs. Personality: Azure is overall very whimsical and relaxed, and generally tries to avoid conflict and prefers to do their own thing. Azure struggles to keep to any one place and has a need to see new places and have new experiences all the time. Azure is fascinated by mythology and legends, and is interested in history too to some extent. They will often seek out places with a lot of backstory. They also love the sky, stars, and space. For Azure, it comes to people they're not etirely introverted or extroverted, they don't mind interacting with others but they do have a limit. They tend to daydream and are often lost in thought, and they don't always pay attention to what's going on around them. They care very deeply for their Pokemon and tends to spoil their Pokemon when they can, often treating them to food or toys. Backstory (optional!): Azure grew up in a fairly peaceful town just outside of the outskirts of Sinnoh, but didn't like how small it was. Once they turned 10 they decided to explore the region with the Swablu, and had many interesting experiences in the Sinnoh region. After befriending a Salamance, they started to explore other regions. As of late they were curious about Pokemon Contests in the Hoenn region, and after talking to Lisa decided to send in a video to see if they could win, and they did. They selected two Pokemon who were interested in contests, Teal and Pera, and is hoping to have a fun time. Other: They do have other Pokemon but for the sake of the roleplay they're probably in storage. Password?: Elgyem green

Teal (Swablu)

Pokemon 1's name: Teal Species: Swablu Gender: Female Type: / Moveset: - Peck - Sing - Dragon Pulse - Roost Appearance: A regular Swablu, but for contests may have her wings fluffed. Personality: Teal is similar to Azure, given how they both grew up together. Teal is very relaxed and tends to sleep a lot, a main reason she hasn't evolved is because her favorite place to sleep is on Azure's head. Teal also tends to drift around while flying, going wherever the wind takes her. Other: Would participate in cute/cool contests.

Pera (Chatot)

Pokemon 2's name: Pera Species: Chatot Gender: Male Type: / Moveset: - Chatter - Feather Dance - Double Team - Attract Appearance: A regular Chatot. Personality: Pera is very intellegent and crafy, often preferring to use status moves to his fullest advantage. Pera is also very free spirited, social, and loud, often singing and communicating with humans and Pokemon. He also sometimes uses his ability to speak human to confuse people. Other: Would participate in beauty/smart contests.
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Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
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Good arceus above it's time to satisfy my contest addiction


I wanna be a Contest Star! Character name: Sirius Orion Age: 15 Gender / pronouns: She/Her Appearance (image or description works!): Made Here Contest outfit (same as appearance!): Her outfit is a lilac dress with various constellations on it with black flats and ties her hair back into a mermaid braid. She also wears gold hanging star earrings Personality: Sirius is a polite girl who likes to try new experiences, and seems to be a somewhat decent strategist. She enjoys puzzles and hidden object games, and sometimes enjoys swimming in the ocean near her hometown. She can be a bit of a doormat at times due to not really being that good at standing up for herself yet. Backstory (optional!): A young lady from Mossdeep and the daughter of an astronomer there, Sirius has had a deep fascination with space and stars thanks to her father's influence. She wants to participate in contests because it just seemed like fun, but doesn't think she'll be good enough to make a name for herself. Other: She's got a necklace that looks like a weird rock that she hides under her shirt, so you can only really see it in her contest outfit. She also has a Mega Bracelet with a key stone for her partner Pokémon Erina Password?: Grass Red


Pokemon 1's name: Erina Species: Gardevoir Gender: Female Type: / Moveset: - Calm Mind - Hidden Power (Bug) - Psychic - Future Sight Appearance: A normal Gardevoir with a necklace holding her Mega Stone. Personality: Erina is a calm and clever Pokémon, using both smarts and strategy to win battles. Other: Erina specializes in Cleverness Contests


Pokemon 2's name: Bella Species: Cosplay Pikachu (Pikachu Rockstar) Gender: Female Type: Moveset: [Electric] - Discharge - Quick Attack - Electro Ball - Thunderbolt Appearance: A normal Pikachu with the rockstar cosplay. She's sometimes mistaken for a boy by others who don't pay attention to her tail shape. Personality: A somewhat playful and tomboyish Pokémon. She's not afraid to get her paws dirty, but she doesn't mind being cute either. Other: Bella specializes in Coolness contests
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