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Hi there! I'm just starting out (relatively), and I need some advice from you amazing folk. I've decided that I want to hunt Apocalyptic Growlithes as my current chain, but I'm not quite sure what to price them all at (normal and SAMs alike). Looking through the Trade Shops on here, it doesn't look like anyone actually sells normal Exclusives as a normal trade. My intents were to use those prices as an average or baseline reference, but as it is I've been left kind of lost. What would you all suggest for pricings? I don't want to charge too much, but I also don't want to charge too little for my efforts. Thank you for your time ahead of time!
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Exclusive specials are really hard to price, especially after the shiny rate change we had recently. The older the variant or exclusive is, the lower the prices usually are (though popularity plays a role, too, of course). You can check the stat pages to see how many of a pokemon and their SAMs exist on the site (Farm > Other Links > Other > Site Stats). Apocalyptic Growlithe seems to be really popular, but there already are a lot on the site, so they won't sell for a ton. So, for actual prices, regular variants are nearly worthless. You can maybe get 1-5k credits each, but if you have a long hunt you won't be able to sell all your extras. Most people just release them since selling them is too much hassle. By checking the stat page, you can see that albinos are way rarer than the shinies, so I'd probably still use the old pricing system of 1:2 (shiny : albino) here. I browsed the trade forums a bit and found prices around 100k/shiny, 150-200k for albinos (for old variants and exclusives) and personally I think that sounds good. This is not a set price of course, you don't have to stick to it. Feel free to experiement with prices. You could always start with 300k and 600k and see if they sell. Now, as someone with a lot of hunting experience I feel like I should also offer some more generel advise, feel free to skip this, of course. I strongly recommend NOT doing a variant or exclusive hunt unless you have a ton of currency you can burn through. Unless you get extremely lucky and get at least one early melan, you'll always lose a lot of money. Unless you hunt with HM and both charms getting a melan at all is very unlikely. We don't know the base shiny and albino odds, but with a lot of data we can make a pretty good estimate that the shiny chance with just the radar is roughly 1/600. Albino chances are a little more tricky, but I'd say between 1/200 and 1/250 with a level 7 radar seems good. If you don't have HM, the cheapest daycare passes you can buy are ~510gp for a 60 pack (assuming 15% discount on a shazi day). On average you'll need 4 packs for an albino, so ~2,000gp and 10 packs for one shiny, so ~5,000gp. And that does not include buying eggs from the price shop, which some people do, because tey can't click enough to get as many eggs as they need (variants and exclusives are way harder to breed than regular pokemon). All in all, hunting exclusives and variants is not meant for beginners, it's basically endgame content. Since you said you're kinda newish, I would suggest you start with a regular pokemon to see how a hunt feels. A pokemon with a lower egg EXP is best, so you can hatch more. Personally I think it's good to prepare a few things -pick a pokemon you like, you might see it for a while -have both radars -have some extra interaction points, so you'll be able to power your radar to level 7 on days when you hatch more than a party or two -get an exp share if you don't have one already. It means you won't have to rely on clicksbacks alone -get a little familiar with custom CSS. It's code you add to your site skin that can help find eggs in the shelter or click more efficient (and lots of other quality of life stuff). Here is a guide -save up a bit to get a higher shelter pass (low-leveled passes are usually cheaper on the market). Don't use daycare passes unless you don't need the currency for normal account upgrades first, try to get your eggs from the shelter. On days where you hatch a lot, you can borrow a star pass for 20-50gp in the trade forum -try hunting pokerus. It can take a while to get the hang of it and feel frustrating in the beginning, but it can help hatching a lot of eggs quickly -consider upgrading one of the corresponding wishforge badges of the pokemon you want to hunt (not both if it's double typing). You'll get slightly more EXP per click. This is something you can do while you are hunting, especially if the pokemon you hunt can evolve -if you don't/can't get HM, I recommend an Übercharm. It will double both your shiny and albino odds for 28 days. You can easily get zc by selling boxes. A box bos goes for 100-110zc, so with two you can get a charm. I know opening boxes is fun, but over times, you'll always lose money by opening instead of selling them (unless you've unlocked a summon item and haven't found it in a box yet) -take breaks when you feel like it. Weekly tournaments and the type race are great for that, because you'll be able to hatch pokemon that won't break your shiny chain. Not all tournaments involve hatching though and always double check to make sure you're save. You will get a pop-up before a shiny chain breaks where you need to confirm, but it's still good to be careful I know this seems like a lot, but you don't have to do all the things before you start, aside from maybe the first two and the last one. You can just pick something and start the hunt and if you run into a problem the above tipps can help you fix things. Good luck with your hunt and if you have any questions, you can always pm me
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potati's Avatarpotati
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Whoa, thank you a lot! I didn't expect to get such an in detail response. I think I'm gonna skip out on doing a variant or exclusive hunt in the meantime, then, and find a Pokemon I really want to hunt. Might even just start continuing with hunting for my Pokedex. I'll make sure to PM you if I have any questions. Thanks again!

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