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Shiny/Albino prices

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I know that albinos used to usually be double the shiny prices in the trades forum. now that the rates changed, how would this affect the prices? It seems like albinos are more common than shinies now, even if they aren't actually
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I've seen a lot of people sell them at the same prices, or very similar prices, now I've personally been selling my albinos by DP price and their shinies at 1.5x that since the change, but definitely look around the trade threads and shops to see what others are doing too
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thank you! I thought the prices would have changed since the rates changed, so that is interesting
Personally even though albinos are more common I don't think it's worth changing the prices too much. I would recommend using the shiny and albino stats page to help with pricing. There are 300 shinies with more than 1k shinies on site while 43 albinos have 1k or more on site. If there are more shinies than albinos and both the shinies and albinos have more than 1k in number I would make them the same price. If there are more shinies and the albinos are less than 1k in number then I would keep double the price for the albinos. If the shinies and albinos are close in number but less than 1k I would recommend charging 1.5x a higher value for the shiny and double that for the albino. If the albinos are more than the shinies then you would switch the ratios around. My base pricing goes off of 25 GP per Delta Point if that helps.
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thank you so much!

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