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The Legendscendants (rp)

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ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
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Time: 4:03 pm Weather: partly cloudy Looking up on her way home, Shika smiled, her rainbow spots gleaming in the sunset. She trotted along with her backpack, ready to celebrate her break.
heya! i'm scor, your local homestuck!! i love fairy types and scorbunny. also hoarde sassy pokemon.
hunt progress!
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Blackestfang's AvatarBlackestfang
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Kaiser laid against a tree slapping it with his tail to knock down some pecha berries getring nice and comfy for the night.
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Amber strolled around near her home, a satchel on her back as she went around, not taking anything in as she used to, but instead remembering the course she usually took, with her eyes glued to the path below. She couldn't place why she'd done such a thing for so long, but she didn't have the energy to change that habit by now.
ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
ScørKaji's Avatar
Shika took a left to go to the park. Then she bumped into the Roserade and screamed. Once she realized what happened, she bent down and began picking the stuff up with her forepaws.
Cassandra, meanwhile, lurked in a nearby bush, watching the interaction between the Liepard and the Roserade. Normally, for an Absol the camoflauge would be relatively easy considering the blue and white can create a sort of illusory patterning of light and shadow, but with Cassandra's green-based coloration it's relatively easier to create the more mundane illusions. Not the Zorua-line-level illusions that they're known for, but it'll do. She made sure her horn and tail stayed out of sight as her heterochromic yellow-red eyes scanned the duo, wondering what direction the conversation will take next.

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Blackestfang's AvatarBlackestfang
Blackestfang's Avatar
Kaiser watched the two pokemon fumble about and try to pull themselves together. sighing as he curls his tail around him his white tipped star rubbing against his front right paw. taking another bite of his berry enjoying the show.
The teen blinked, beginning to apologize profusely as she bent down and began working to pick everything up that had fallen at the same time. "I'm incredibly sorry..." she mentioned, though seeming hurried to make sure everything would be up in time.
ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
ScørKaji's Avatar
Shika looked at the Roserade. "No, no! It's fine!" The rainbow colored leopard Mon chirprd. She got everything neatly into the saddlebag before getting up. "Now that's better. I'm Shika."
After everything had been done, Amber was soon to dust herself off, smiling at the other as she finally gained her bearings. It was good that the Liepard was so forgiving, so the least Amber could do was introduce herself as well. "Ah, and my name is Amber, it's a pleasure to meet you." A rose-clad hand extended for a shake.
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Pinto Bean stumbled around tiredly. He had been chased and hunted by a Sylveon the previous night, and hadn’t gotten much sleep. He had barely escaped to a populated area. He noticed Bleakly the other Pokémon in the area. He trudged over to a bush and plopped down, breathing heavily, finally able to rest.
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