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Magearna color change?

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yuckyrat's Avataryuckyrat
yuckyrat's Avatar
Is there any way to change Magearna from its normal colors to the soft pink color? Or is it just random when hatching them? I really want to know how to get one with the softer color palette.
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
I assume you’re referring to the Albino Magearna. You need to have a Albino Radar to have a chance to hatch one.
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yuckyrat's Avataryuckyrat
yuckyrat's Avatar
No, it's not albino. You can see it here. https://pokefarm.wiki/Legendary_Pok%C3%A9mon/List
Unfortunately, there's no way to get Ancient Magearna other than Summoning it, and even then it's only there to give you the Egg that'll end up hatching into a "newly-minted" Magearna

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yuckyrat's Avataryuckyrat
yuckyrat's Avatar
Aw, man. Hopefully they'll introduce a forme change item sometime. I'd love to make my Magearna ancient-colors. So soft and pretty. :-( Ty for the info!
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Meanwhile, you can put this code in your skin


.party>div[data-pid*="INSERT ID"]>.pkmn>.pokemon, #field_party>div>div.slot[data-id*="INSERT ID"]>div, #field_field>div.field>.fieldmon[data-id*="INSERT ID"] { background-image:url("https://pokefarm.wiki/images/a/a1/Magearna.png")!important; background-position: center 75%; background-repeat: no-repeat; height: 100px; width: 100px; } .party>div[data-pid*="INSERT ID"]>.pkmn>.pokemon::before, #field_party>div>div.slot[data-id*="INSERT ID"]>div::before, #field_field>div.field>.fieldmon[data-id*="INSERT ID"]>img { opacity:0; }
Source: here Put the ID of one of your magearna (the character after "summary/") in all the "insert ID" part and save a CSS skin with the code. It would be only visible by you, but at least you'll have it in a way :')
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