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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Green Rescue Team [OPEN]

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Painted94's AvatarPainted94
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Dropped in unexpectedly Sharon entered the pokemon world blissfully ignorant to most everything about it. Maybe she was a trainer or a breeder once, maybe she was alive or dead. So many questions and yet soon as she woke up the only thing she cared about was how she felt hungry. She scurried along not really noticing the difference in her form, that is until she reached water reflection. She looked at herself, pushing the hair aside to see the horns on her head and the purple coloration. Just then she heard voices nearby and went to find them. First to run into, quite litterually was the one named Osirus. Her small figure barely even tapped them. Then she spoke after rubbing her face. "Hiya! Owie...hi hi am Share-ron. Me big kid now, adventure with new friend! Wanna be friend?" She asked to them seeing as they seemed lost but she didn't know that. She just wanted to immediately disturb someone to make a new friend, no matter what. Still her young naiveness held her back in that she couldn't properly use speech and she didn't know the circumstances and issues others faced, she just wanted to have inoccent fun using whoever random encounter she finds. "Oh oh, om nom want foods? I hungry too." @M7890 's Osirus
loveybabylulu's Avatarloveybabylulu
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lulu figured she was right next to Sharon, she freaked out a bit and ran away
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@Painted94 (I suppose I'm with you now? ^^) "Lethe?" Osirus called. Lethe had run off soon after being dragged, so Osirus had been wandering through the forest for several hours, looking for her. "Hiya! Owie...hi hi am Share-ron. Me big kid now, adventure with new friend! Wanna be friend? Oh oh, om nom want foods? I hungry too," someone said behind her. Osirus jumped. It was a Ralts, dark in color. "Uh... sure???" Osirus said rather uneasily. "Goodie! Let's go," Sharon said happily, and yanked Osirus by the hand and marched off.
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kwitter's Avatarkwitter
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------------------------------------------------------------------ The young Scoliopede rubbed her snout gently as she squinted, unfamiliar with her surroundings as she glared around, searching for answers. What is this.. She pondered quietly, awkwardly staggering onto her- WHOA WAIT WHAT- The female Scoliopede let out a loud yelp as she landed flat on her stomach, wincing at the sudden pain as she staggered onto her feet once again. Now this is what one would call pure and utter displeasure. What had happened to her? Why was she stumbling around? Where were her.. The Scoliopede shrieked loudly as she made the terrible mistake of peering at a small puddle. Oh.. OH GOD, SHE WAS A POKEMON!! "But.. B-But how?" She pondered out loud, blinking her eyes in confusion. Blinking, she realized she had somehow dozed right off in what looked like some odd, small town, bustling with Pokemon and the like; some making conversation, others getting a bite to eat, or tending to their business. "How.. How in the world.." She stammered out, staggering to her dainty feet again and taking a few test strides into this odd, strange new world.
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bump! c'mon, roleplay, dont die on me now!))
Alleeg8or's AvatarAlleeg8or
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(So sorry for being slow! I’ve been getting my home ready for a new kitten I’m getting tomorrow!!) Mazie groggily opened her eyes, realizing how badly her head hurt once the light hit her eyes. She raised her hands to her face to rub her eyes and noticed there was something weird going on. Her fingers on her face didn’t feel like fingers, and her face didn’t even feel like her face. Bringing her hands down to get a good look at what felt so wrong, then her jaw dropped and she suddenly cried out, “feathers?!” with a tone of panic. She put her wings to her face again and felt a beak for her mouth. “What’s going on?! This is a terrible prank!” Her words accusing whoever might be around. In her mind, she knew she needed to find something reflective to really understand what was going on, but there wasn’t even a puddle around to use- just a bunch of trees.
kwitter's Avatarkwitter
kwitter's Avatar
a new kitten? adorable! congrats!!)) @Alleeg8or Monika was still struggling to make way around the town, trying her best not to trample anyone with her newfound height. She looked around worriedly, before spotting a Torchic that looked almost confused as she did. "U.. Um.." She called out, awkwardly approaching them. "Hello. Sorry for appearing so suddenly, but.. do you have any idea what happened? I.. I think I turned into a Pokemon somehow and I.. I don't know how? Do you have a clue on how this happened?" She asked awkwardly, feeling strangely comfortable standing up. As a human, she would have popped a squat or something. Now as a quadped Poke, she guessed she was now built to stand around like some Ponyta. "My name is Monika, by the way. I somehow became a Scoliopede and, as I said, I'm trying to wrap my head around it." She murmured, trying to keep her composure and not freak out again. If this a prank, it's really not funny. She thought to herself, sighing a small bit.

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