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The Journey of Rhys

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((This will be a collection of short stories for my trainer character that I originally created for my Pokemon 5e D&D sessions irl. I really enjoy her, so I'll be using her as my sort of trainer-sona here! These may vary from journal-like entries, tales from our D&D adventures, or actual short stories.) Table of Contents Character Bio -Rhys Journal 1 - The Beginning
Name: Rhys Kellina Age: 16 Pronouns: She/Her Home Region: Unova but has moved to Johto Starter Pokemon: Charmander Preferred Typing: (in order of preference) Fire, Dark, Dragon, Ghost Trainer Type: Contest Participant/Pyromaniac Aspirations: Pokemon Caretaker Strengths: Very agile and dexterous, a clever liar, and fearless Weaknesses: She can be fairly blunt, a magnet for trouble, and acts before thinking about the consiquences. Other: Her father was a former steel type gym leader, but has since retired. He now works as a metalsmith. Her mother is a member of Team Plasma, who now works under N in an effort to atone for the problems she caused. Hopefully I'll get my first story for Rhys posted soon! (Art by me!)
Wandervenn's AvatarWandervenn
Wandervenn's Avatar
Dear Mom, I know I may never send this as a letter, but I'm 16 now so diaries are a little yesteryear if you know what I mean. Perhaps this is just for me, for my sanity. I wouldn't even know where to address this letter if I did actually plan to send it. But you never know, maybe one day you'll be able to read this and see what you missed out on. Okay, that sounded over dramatic. I swear I'm not mad or anything. I mean sure, when dad and Aunt Jenny told me where you "worked" I was... well, I was confused. I had no idea what Team Plasma even was, but then I started to think about it. We left Anville Town when I was still really little. I didn't know about Team Plasma and what they were doing, but in hindsight we did leave really quickly and you didn't come with us. I remember how upset dad was and he had to leave his job and find something new in Kanto which I remember being really hard for a while. If Aunt Jenny didn't take us in, I don't know what he would have done. Once I had it all figured out, or at least as much as I think I could, I was pretty mad. I liked Anville Town, I liked Unova... and I didn't understand why my mother was hurting people the way she was. And then I thought about how nice of a mom you were when I had you and that just made me conflicted. Could nice people be bad people? Can they do wrong things? I'm not saying that you're bad now or that you ever were. Frankly, I don't know why you did the things you did, but I am proud that you're taking steps to fix things. I do hope I can see you again soon. I've grown a lot. And today is the day, mom! I get my first pokemon! I heard this town usually gives out charmanders and squirtles, but also maybe eevees! I think I'd like one of those. They can be almost any type of pokemon so I don't really have to choose today. Normally kids get their pokemon at 10 here, but there may have been an "incident" a few years ago. It was an accident, I swear! But I may have started the Professor's lab on fire. It wasn't too bad, but I guess the smoke damage was pretty bad and some of the machines short circuited in the chaos. Since then the Professor has been elsewhere to continue his studies until everything could be rebuilt and replaced. Well, I am your daughter right mom? Trouble through and through? And there is dad calling me downstairs. Time to head out. Wish me luck! Even though you won't get this and have no idea what's happening today, maybe you'll have enough mother's intuition to know. Thanks for reading this mom. Love, your daughter, Rhys P.S. Okay so that was crazy! Figured I'd just add this now while I wait for the rest of the new trainers to catch up. I ended up getting a Charmander. I don't know why because there was an Eevee available. I just grabbed it. I'm sure Professor Gale had a heart attack with me choosing a fire type. Also, I have a cyndaquil. Don't ask how, it's a secret I will take to my grave. We all ended up getting a second pokemon today... except for this one kid named Ace who had some really bad luck. There are actually four of us. Ace, myself, Darlyn, and Darrun. Darlyn said we all have to call her D, so I suppose we'll find out how long that lasts. I think I'll let one of the guys test that out first. Out of all of them I think Ace is probably the only one I'd call a friend, but I guess I've always felt like the outcast since they're all from around here. It isn't them, I'm pretty sure it's me. I think I might use this new start to try and change that. I went ahead of them to Vermillian City, but I think I'll wait up and try a little harder to be sociable. Okay! This is my solem vow. Whoever gets here first is going to be my rival! And as my rival that means no matter what we'll be bound by fate on this pokemon journey and beyond. A rival is like a best friend, right? Maybe I've read too many manga. Maybe if I make a grand gesture to really stand out? At least it's a start. That's what all of this is for me, a brand new start. I'm going to figure out where I belong in this world and who I am. The next time you see me, mom, I'll be so much more than the daughter that you remember.

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