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What would you enter an art contest for?

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Spiritwingz's AvatarSpiritwingz
Spiritwingz's Avatar
A lot has changed since I first started playing and I'm curious on opinions. What sort of things would you enter an art contest for? It's it a certain Grand prize that would draw you in, or if there were several prizes (beyond 1st, 2nd and 3rd).
Viridian Épée
ancient drive
Helix Orb
music box
Azure Flute
icedragonboi's Avataricedragonboi
icedragonboi's Avatar
Most of the time, I find people joining art contests in hopes of getting a special pokemon, such as a melan or S/A delta. In some contests though, the prizes are summons, and depending on which ones they are, can be sold for a great profit.
Thal'io's AvatarThal'io
Thal'io's Avatar
I usually join to help me practice. I never expect to win but that's just fine; I like the experience of drawing new things.
Avatar is my warriorsona Batcloud as a glameow, drawn by Hawkbelly
I generally only enter design contests, because even if you lose you get to keep your entry. You can't really keep an entry if you drew someone else's character, after all, so you'll likely end up doing work for nothing. If a "regular" art contest had a prize for everyone that entered, even if they didn't win the grand prize, I might enter.
meowforcats's Avatarmeowforcats
meowforcats's Avatar
I like that Ive seen some that have consolation prizes. I have only ever entered you tube art contests XD. I would want a mega stone voucher, a hypermode voucher, a rare or s/a pokemon, or a form change item. An uber would be nice but unlikely.
Yakko's world is my favorite meme lol. Avatar made by Kazooie Don't be afraid of God.
I'd join to just becasue I havn't yet! Personally I think I would do pretty good

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