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Dahlia’s grin widened. ”Yes, I’m very excited to start! It’s going to be so great! Especially if we actually come up with a cure!”
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Kamon Occupation: Keeper - Rune Hotel Room: 202

Kamon pricked his ears at the mention of a name. Hilda. Why did the name sound so familiar to him? Perhaps he had met the girl at some point in his past? He cast his impassive gray gaze in the direction of the owner of the voice that introduced herself as Hilda, only to find an Audino with visual differences that reminded him of a human, a fellow Trainer, a fellow Dex holder, with the same name. Wait a second, there. Was he a Trainer? A Dex holder? Well, in any case, if he was a Trainer way back then, he'd rather be with Team Rocket and his father than be caught with an Audino. The thought of Team Rocket and his father filled him with disgust, even more so considering how evasive the memories connected to those terms are. What was Team Rocket? Who was his father? Why do they just fill him with pure, unadulterated hate? He really needs to stop thinking about it, but the funny thing about it is, the more one tries to think about something, the more it's forefront in their mind. So he cast his gaze over the other Pokemon, silently casting his mindset into which of these Pokemon he could see on his team if he were a Trainer. The moment he saw the purple-collared Darkrai, a memory of being a stone statue surfaced, more of a physical sensation than a true vision. The sensation of his flesh turning to stone, the chill seeping into his bones, sent a similar chill, down his spine and causing his fur to spike slightly. His tail might've bottlebrushed, but after a moment of composure, he hoped that his adverse reaction to seeing the Darkrai wasn't noticed. His face returned to his normal impassive expression, as though his physical flashback never happened in the first place.

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Eon sighs and sets her paw down. She thinks to herself that the only way to get comfortable in a new place is to make a new friend. Carefully she starts walking around. After walking the perimeter of the room she pauses. "Oh this won't do." She says rather loudly, stamping a paw on the ground. "How am I supposed to know who else is a stargazer or a Constellation Researcher or whatever it was called?" She thought for a bit and realized that she forgot to even say hello to the other pokemon as she passed by. She sighed and shook her head. Her ears drooped and she thought this situation felt oddly familiar.
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Kamon Occupation: Keeper - Rune Hotel Room: 202

Kamon watched as a Shiny Umbreon walked by, diverting his attention momentarily as an image of a gray-haired woman with a yellow top flashed in his mind, complete with a Houndoom and a regular Umbreon. However, the image disappeared as soon as it appeared, and no matter how hard he tried, he can't summon the image of that woman again, let alone recall the name. One would think he'd know the woman's name considering that it's part of a meme nowadays, but for the life of him, he can't. He then started ignoring the Umbreon once she revealed aspects of her job. Constellation Researcher? Not his department, not his problem.
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