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The Lunar Depository [OPEN]

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DravenSparrow's AvatarDravenSparrow
DravenSparrow's Avatar
Ariel and Luca A chance to swim as a job, oh this was fantastic!! "Waterway Reasearcher all the way! That would be the positively perfect job for me!" She said in excitement, fistpumping the air. Luca nodded to himself, he figured that's what she would choose considering her anatomy.
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Nova - NPC - Secretary of the Lunar Observatory

"'k then." He took a keycard off of the wall and slid it over. "To Room 302. It's down to the right, but I reccomend that you head to the left. Orientation 's about to start." He circled her occupation and slid it down the tube. The Scolipede then proceeded to hit his head against the bell. "NEXt!"
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Diana watched as three other Pokemon got their occupations. She had stepped to the side, waiting for the Pokemon at the desk to say something. She had said she wanted to be a Keeper, didn't she? (And uh, im not stressed about that or anything. H)
Terra sat in an auditorium seat, waiting. She's not really one to think of stuff to do when she's bored. So she just sat.
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DravenSparrow's AvatarDravenSparrow
DravenSparrow's Avatar
Ariel and Luca Luca nodded to her and peered over the desk with his red eyes, he wasn't trying to be intimidating though it might seem that way to others. "Well.... I guess I'm next.... My names Luca...."
Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
Iris Plague Researcher
Iris had made her way to where they all had to meet up. Despite seeing all the pokemon, she didn't want to talk to anyone. Last night her telepathy didn't work on her other roomate so she didn't want to seem rude again. She just stood in the corner, waiting for the event to start.
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Eeveehart's AvatarEeveehart
Eeveehart's Avatar
Finally getting her hair tucked behind her, Eon looks around again. She sees many different pokemon. An Espeon alone in the corner, a confident looking Mightyena, and what looks like a fusion of a sylveon and a mismagius. There were many others but Eon couldn't see them all clearly. "I wonder if I'll be working with any of them." Eon sighed. "Or even be their friend." She taps a paw on her chin, pauses, and looks at the paw. She thinks to herself, 'but first I need to get used to this new form of mine.'
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Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
The Toxicroak's eyes darted over before returning to the front as he fought off the desire to close them. Purple hovered by his shoulder, the blank white eyes scanning the room. Closer to the front was Deon, and the Deoxys seemed to be lost in thought.

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The head scientist looked around. She wondered if any scientists were around. "Heya! Any scientists?" She asked in a loud-ish voice. "I'm the head, apparently."
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Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Dahlia heard and hurried over excitedly. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Head Scientist! I’m a scientist as well! My name is Dahlia! Pleasure to meet you!” She repeated, reaching out and rapidly shaking the other Pokémon’s hand.
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Hilda kinda gave a noise, and smiled after the handshake. "I'm Hilda!" She chirped. "You're awful eunthesiastic, aren't you?"

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