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PokéPyrrhia - A WoF/Pokemon Crossover (Closed!)

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Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
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Hah I don’t believe in setup threads. As the title suggests, this is a Wings of Fire/Pokémon crossover. Journey through Pyrrhia as an intrepid Pokemon trainer to either research and bond with the creatures or create a team to take down the Pokémon League! However, trouble is brewing. Others’ Pokémon are being stolen, legendary Pokémon are disappearing from their territories that they defend, and there have been reports of Pokémon with a dark aura and bloodred eyes. Will you find out who’s behind these crimes, or will you turn a blind eye and continue on your journey?


•Please be a good writer. If you have difficulty with grammar, spelling, or English in general, it is hard for others to understand. •If you’re not using a canon tribe (Tempestwing, Lightwing, etc), make sure to have either a link to your character’s tribe page/character page (ex. WoF fanon wiki pages), or a picture •Make sure to give people you battle a chance (don’t slam someone’s Pokémon with a dozen successful moves), and make sure your own Pokémon aren’t avoiding every attack. Above all else, be logical; if you’re fighting a Pokémon that you’re disadvantaged against, you shouldn’t be able to survive a billion super-effective hits. •Animi are unnecessary, so if your character is an animus, don’t enchant everything you see •If you have a villain, give the heroes a good fight, but remember, good always prevails. The main characters have to continue with their quest. •I’ll play as the gym leaders, which are the queens of each kingdom (minus Pantala) •Have fun, of course!


You can add more characters as the RP progresses. Name: Tribe and Gender: Appearance: Personality: Starter Pokémon: Other info:


•Krystal (Arya) •Epiphyte (CatLoverFoxLover) •Puffin (Merengue) •Pigeon (Fallen Stars) •Cygnus (Merengue) •Damselfly (CatLoverFoxLover) •Amber (Amberbolt) •Fennec (Amberbolt)
: Poipole, what do you have there? : A KNIFE!!! : NO!!! : Oh my god, why does he have a knife? Read more here!
I'M HERE But Yellow... well, Yellow is a dead OC. Newbie time! Anyways, are we still doing the humanized dragons thing or actual dragons? Cuz...
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
Actual dragons Name: Krystal Tribe and Gender: Female Icewing Appearance: A sky blue Icewing that is smaller than average. Her eyes are a dark navy blue, differing from the typical black. She is very lithe and lean in build, and quite nimble when it comes to flying or fighting. Personality: Krystal is very gentle when it comes to Pokémon. She believes in order to fight with them, you must establish a tight-knit bond with them first. When it comes to others, however, she is very distrustful, oftentimes distancing herself from most dragons, but once she warms up to someone, she is fiercely loyal and protective. Starter Pokémon: Oshawott Other info: She’s Babey
Kk~ Name: Epiphyte Tribe and Gender: Female RainWing Appearance: Pretty much a normal RainWing. Her 'neutral' scales: light grayish-blueish main scales, with zenith blue underscales and fog-colored and khaki speckles on her underwings and snout. Green-grey eyes. Wow dats a lot of grey. Wears a pair of dark grey and white feather earings and a bright red bag. Personality: Epiphyte is (usually. Don't change that.) calm and collected, usually distancing herself from peers. To the friends she does have, though, she is somewhat of a motherly friend who keeps them from doing crazy things. Most of the time she somehow gets roped into them though. She is surprisingly good with dragonets. Starter Pokèmon: Cyndaquil Other Info: Will smite thee Sorry Yellowz but you were kinda a mary sue. I have regrets.
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
You can always improve on Yellow. Accepted!
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
merinqüe's Avatar
Name: Puffin Tribe and Gender: Female Icewing Appearance:

Boop, made by me!

Personality: Super vain and arrogant, she is a bit dumb though, she sets her 'friend standards' super high, and thinks almost nobody is worthy of being her friend. Starter Pokémon:
Other info: - The scar she has on her belly is from when she fought in Scarlet's arena, she was put up against Pyrite/Hailstorm. - In the second circle - Ironically crushes on Hailstorm. - Always ALWAYS polishes her scales - Chaotic Neutral. She constantly moves sides, moves to whatever she sees would help her most. - Bow peasant
but it was just a misunderstanding...right? adopt shopjournalcreepypasta p.1creepypasta p.2misadventure of the fayes credits
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
yes, fellow icewing Accepted!
Fallen Stars's AvatarFallen Stars
Fallen Stars's Avatar
Name: Pigeon Tribe and Gender: Female Skywing Appearance: her scales are a dark red color, while her under scales are a darkish pink color. Her wings are dark gray and she has silver eyes Personality: i’m not sure yet, but maybe tries to be optimistic most of the time? Starter Pokémon: Fennikin Other info: she carries a brown bag that carries a a couple of scrolls and a pencil
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
merinqüe's Avatar
Name: Cygnus Tribe and Gender: Male Skywing/Nightwing (Leans More toward Skywing) Appearance:

and i oof, made by me!

His horns are from a defect, his parents have mixed feelings about that, adding that on top of being a hybrid
Personality: Honestly pretty emo, his Skywing mom is completley disgusted and abandoned him, but his Nightwing dad does love him, though Cygnus is more of a second option to him. Cygnus likes edgy looking pokemon and honestly cares more about how good of a companion they are than how strong a pokemon is. Has a soft spot for cutesy things, though. Starter Pokémon:
Other info: - Crushes on Puffin, tho she treats him like garbage - Wants to be a breeder someday, so he can get a hybrid pokemon (a Sylveon/Umbreon to be specific) - Favorite color is actually hot pink - Named after a bird constellation. Birds are sky related, and constellations are definitely Nightwing related! - Chose Litten bc its a combo of his two favorite things, edgy stuff, and cats. He loves cats
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar

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