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~Camp Draelis - RP (Open)~

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"N-nice to meet you, H-honu." Lillian said, Sitting down on the other side of the ile with Sylvester. She sat and wondered what the camp'll be like!
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Trypo was already lying in his seat, legs curled up across while his head was propped against his bag. Banette was just floating along the aisle of the bus.

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Neptune noticed Banette. He was a little curious... and Nat didn't seem to mind him checking stuff out on the bus, so she let him hop off her shoulder. Neptune began hopping towards the Banette, dragging his Pokedoll behind him.
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Lillian looked down at sylvester and smiled. Then Sylvester Jumped off her lap, grabbed his pair of PokeBuds from Lillians bag and nuddged Lillian. Lillian then grabbed them and put them in his floofy ears. Then, she grabbed her own pair of earbuds and put them in her ears. They Listened to 'Merry-go-round of life' from howls moving castle together..
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(ooc:just waiting. i hope this doesent get deleted from inactivity)
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The city faded as the bus reached a dense forest. Lily was intrigued (Aurora's still in the pocket) while Honu and Spish were freaked out. There was just that dark and unsecure feel to them they disliked. Moira perked up. "Alright, nearly there! Don't get too comfy!" (Current RP time is 1:05pm, if you wanted to know!)
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jake ( litten) looked out the window and kept staring at the world rushed by him (aka its moving fast because their on the bus while its moving. just incase it didint make much sense for what i was going to trying to say.)
Lillian leaned forwards grabbing her bag, she opened it and relized she had sweet hearts for Sylvester and lumiose galettes
I cant spell
for herself She started eating and saw Sylvester eating his sweet hearts and she couldnt help but giggle! She watched the tree's go by and sat there... Then she fell asleep to the music...
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Banette snickered and grinned, flying over to his trainer and poking his shoulder repeatedly. "Ban, bane." He snickered while Trypo grinned right back and cocked an eyebrow.
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(My thoughts: hope no one minds a bit of retconing) Karin jolts awake and notices the bus was moving. Her mother had insisted on being at the bus station by the crack of dawn. She had fallen asleep shortly after she was allowed to get on the bus. Karin looked around at the other kids on the bus. She saw some had their pokemon out. She sits up straight and let's out her Noibat, Atlas. "Now, Atlas, I know you're not fond of new people but this trip will be good for the both of us." She says calmly. "Let's make some friends." Atlas reluctantly nodded and peered over the seats at all the other campers and their pokemon. In the last 3 years of being with Karin, he only met a few people he liked. He sighed nervously. He figured if Karin was willing to make new friends, he should try too.
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