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The Good and Evil - A War Between the Sides

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happy new year in canada yeah
Have A Good Day And Thank You! See Ya! Profile Picture drawn by CatEnergetic on pokefarm Thanks CatEnergetic! go buy an image from her! it's only 150 gp he looks
moon lighting was looking at a lake
Karai The Luxray walked around, Her eyes glared around, She looked for anyone around. Her tail swayed as she sneezed, shaking her head as she continued, Not seeing anyone she sat down to rest for a bit. "No one is around..." Karai said to herself, Standing up as she closed her eyes, Focusing as she used a Swift on a rock, she smiled "Wait! I can't fool around, come on Karai, Focus..." She scolded herself, Standing up as she walked around, Her tail swaying again while she looked around
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he walked out of the shadows, hiding from the light, bearly visibale "I dont need people to tell me to kill someone, ill kill them myself." pestalince muttered, walking down the street. "All I need is an arny, an army to take the lives of those in power."
hi have a good day, bye

Pages: 123456

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