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The Good and Evil - A War Between the Sides

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Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Byron Byron tilted his head in thought. “Well, if you are all for hire, I will hire you all. It will not be a one-person job. If you join my ranks, you all will be assigned the task of assassinating Princess Etherie. And, of course, I am king of the evil side. What would be in it for you? Well, land, of course. With Princess Etherie assassinated, you would all get a portion of her land. And I suppose money is in it—if you want something is frivolous as that. Of course, you wouldn’t need it. With myself ruling and you in my ranks, you would be able to take whatever you wanted. And you would be under my protection. No one would be able to touch you without my intervention.” Byron finished speaking. He could always add more, if they so desired, but for now he would wait.
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Gerrett "Taking the life of the heir to the throne is dirty business. It will give me and my colleagues a bad reputation. Therefore, jobs will become scarce. Especially if you lose the war." Gerrett narrows his eyes, percingly toward the Evil King. "IF I decide to take this job I will require immunity, coin to set me for life and the release from jail of the former members of The Red Dawn." Gerrett's sword crackles in the wind, still pointed outwards as he continues to think through the Evil King's offer. "before we can come to any terms I must first formally collect a new team in the city through the Mercenaries Guild. As you said, this isnt a one person job and I like to keep my team offical." He says this as he looks around at the new potential members. "Contracts, wages and provisions can becollected at the guild after which. Lastly, if I complete this job, How do I know you will keep your word?"
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Byron The melan Zeraora grinned. He particularly liked the skills the Pokémon in front of him possessed, particularly the batering skills. “I will simply offer those things. Whether you recieve them or not completely depends on whether you pull through with the job. And, as for your last question, you don’t I could be decieving you. But I’m a king. What use would I have for tricking you? You will have money and of course immunity, and the release of the members of this ‘red dawn’. This is what I OFFER. Not what I promise.” He then turned to the other Pokémon in the clearing. “What say all of you? What terms do you wish for me to offer? And if any of you disagree, you certainly know what will happen. I can’t just let you go with the information that I am attempting to recruit.” His gaze crackled with electricity as he scanned the other Pokémon, waiting for their responses.
Eve636's AvatarEve636
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Marron Marron face slowly breaks into a evil grin at his King's threats of death thrill his interest. He slowly forms into his Zenith form, which fortells of his egarness to eradicate the lives of the Mercenaries.
EvilAngel's AvatarEvilAngel
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Magma Magma smiled a sinister grin. His flames suddenly reared up, poised to strike and burn the forest down if it would come to that. "Will you accept the mission, or choose your death?" His blue eyes shifted to red. "Your choice will determine your fate."
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Eclipse ...What was all this commotion about? Wandering in search of something to do, the Jirachi stumbled on a group of mercenaries--Gerrett, Marron, and Magma, who had been recruited by a Zeraora--Byron. Were they...part of the Evil side? Or were they Neutral, like him? Either way, he lacked much interest--although he was both an assassin and a mercenary himself. He hadn't heard much of the conversation, yet he approached anyway--albeit slowly. "...What is...going on here?" His voice wasn't exactly the loudest in the world--especially since he always kept his mouth covered with his scarf--but it was rather low in pitch, a bit of monotony in it. He never really talked much to begin with, so...I wouldn't expect much from him in terms of conversations. (hope you don't mind if I join in)
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Byron Byron turned sharply to the sound of the new arrival’s voice. He cracked a sinister grin. “Someone else, hm?” Ignoring the question, he darted towards the Jirachi, examining him. “You don’t look like you’re on the side of good, and you’re certainly not on my side. But, would you be interested in joining me? If you haven’t heard of me maybe you’ve heard of my title—the evil king.” After Byron had asked his question, he waited for the other Pokémon to answer. Perhaps he would be able to add a little more to his legions.
(I was told I could join in sooo here goes) Aria The Blizzard Cinccino timidly watched the proceedings, not knowing what to say. Well, actually, things tended to go better in her line of work if she didn't speak at all, but still. This was...not spectacular. She'd just been looking for a quiet place to read, not looking for some spectacular plot to assassinate a freakin princess! (this an okay openying post?)
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