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Contest Forum Rules [UPDATED 23rd DEC 2019; PLEASE READ]

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The rules in this thread are in addition to the main Site Rules.
  • Users must be at least 15 years old or older to submit a contest application.
  • In raffle contests; evidence must be given on how you got that specific order in regards to the winners. Please screenshot if you're using a website that randomises. Other evidence may be accepted, but is on a situation basis. Ask a moderator before going ahead with it.
  • During the application phase, upvotes/subscribers does NOT mean anything. It's the staff's decision - following the rules matters.
  • You are not allowed to enter your own contest.
  • Changing core attributes of your contest after it has been approved is not allowed unless you have contacted a moderator and they have approved it. Changing; rules, prize distribution, deadlines etc - needs to be discussed with a moderator. Failure to do so will result in a strike against your name. Repeated strikes will result in your future contest apps being denied.
  • All contests must be written in English and must be easy to read and understandable. While we won't penalise you for having bad grammar or spelling, we won't accept a contest app that is filled with text speech/slang and is not laid out clearly.
  • All contests must have at least one prize.
  • Prizes and any conditions on receiving them must be clearly listed and explained.
  • Contests that are based on situations such as 'When will it hatch' are not allowed, as you are not guaranteed to get the Pokemon/item you are seeking. Contests that were made before this update are allowed to continue. However, if they close they should be done so appropriately, with clear communication. No more are allowed to be created from this day onwards; 17th January 2018. Note; 'When will it hatch' Games are allowed, as they do not need to follow the strictness of the Contest forum. Use the Forum Game forum for such games. Check the rules for that forum, here.
  • You may NOT require an entry fee to participate. The only exception to this is a raffle where ALL items entered must be redistributed, and everyone must get a prize of reasonable value.
  • If accepting donations; you must list where they came from. They do not have to be made public, but we will ask for it if issues arise. It is adviced that the list is public, that way if something happens where the donations need to be returned, the staff can do so. If it isn't public we will take action which may result in account lockage and a strike against your name. Please keep this in mind. Note You can send us the list of the donors directly thy PM once donations have been complete; that way the list can remain private.
  • Do not collect donations until AFTER your contest has been approved. Doing so will earn you a strike against your name.
  • Purchasing extra entries in a raffle is allowed only if the payment is entered into the prize pool. The creator of the contest is not allowed to profit from running the contest. There should be a reasonable limit on how many extra entries may be given per participant. We suggest 1-3. All donations must meet a certain value, as determined by the content's creator.
  • Purchasing extra entries through services (such as creating art for advertisement) is not allowed.
  • Donations of currency are not allowed. This means donations should not include credits, GP or ZC. Relics are allowed as donations. Currency is still allowed as prizes, coming directly from the thread owner but they cannot be donated.
  • Always follow through with any prizes you offer. All prizes offered MUST be given out to participants, even if there are fewer participants than planned.


    You planned for a 1st prize all the way to 10th prize, but only three people entered. You give out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes as normal, then you go back to the winner and give them the 4th prize too, 5th goes to 2nd, 6th to 3rd, then loop back again so 7th goes to 1st and so on.
    Consolation prizes are excluded from this rule, but if you offer a consolation prize then they must be given to everyone who didn't win a main prize.
  • It is recommended that you do NOT use a post template when setting up a contest, to ensure everyone can read your contest appropriately.
  • When a contest is over, lock the thread and delete it after about two weeks. This gives people enough time to see who won, without cluttering the forum.
  • When an artist creates a piece of artwork for a contest, if the contest host(s) is/are wanting to have the art as their own, then the artist whom made the piece should be reasonably compensated. In theory, your main prizes should be compensation enough (after all, if it's not, you won't get any entries!) - but that's for the winners. If a contest host claims that all entered pieces are theirs, this is a violation of our rules due to extreme immorality, as not every artist is going to be reasonably compensated. As a side note - as an artist, if you disagree with the rules that a host has put up, Do not enter the contest. Entering a contest is essentially a statement that you accept the rules as given by the host.

    Additionally -

    If an artist is making artwork of a character made by the contest host, then the artist owns the artwork made, but not the content of the artwork. In example, if SciZoroark made artwork of Garth, then she would be unable to capitalise from it (sell it to others) without the permission of the owner, that would be Garthic in this example. In short, just because the artist made the artwork, it does not inherently mean that the content of the artwork belongs to them as well. Think of it like me drawing a picture of Naruto and saying that the character is mine. Everyone and their grandmother knows that Naruto is definitely not my character.
  • Contest hosts must decide a deadline for their contest and have it stated upon creation. The maximum contest length is 30 days if one-time use.
  • There is no maximum length on contests that are being reused, example; a repeating raffle. This must be stated in your application.
  • The maximum contest length is 30 days if one-time use.
  • Contests are only allowed two time-extensions. Each time extension is allowed to be a max of 10 days. Both time-extensions are allowed to be to allow entrants to finish up their work. Only one of them is allowed to be for more entries into the contest. You may contact a member of staff to discuss having additional extensions if you feel that you have a valid reason for doing so.
  • You are not allowed to 'pass' or to have 'passing' in your contest. The only exception is to forfeit all prizes. Including future ones. For example, if you were to pass in round one, you would pass for the rest of the raffle/contest rounds.
  • Giveaways are required that you donate a majority of the items yourself. To do a giveaway, you must have at least ten prizes that you are donating yourself. If you are not giving away a good bulk of the items, then you are not giving items away and it shouldn't be labelled as such.
  • Please remember to respond to the moderator who is handling your contest within a decent amount of time. Failure to respond after a week or so could end with your contest application getting deleted or if the behavior is continuous could result in a strike against your name. If you aren't going to have access to internet, computer, etc during a certain amount of time, please make sure the moderator you're speaking to is informed of that.
These rules are subject to change at any time. Last update: 23/December/2019
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