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Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
Trying to get rid of these by selling them for delta point price lol 40gp/40kcr/10zc each shiny (5DP) Albinos are double (10DP) See first field for natures/genders available Also some deltas

20gp/20kcr/10zc each

Gif by Dragoncake
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Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
Bump because I added deltas lol
Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
Vaporeon26's Avatar
Could I get your hardy ice delta fox (first ice delta) please? for gp
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Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
Yep! Trade sent~
UnownShadow's AvatarUnownShadow
UnownShadow's Avatar
Can I get both ghost delta fennekin and the careful grass delta fennekin for 60k credits please?
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Dhejavu's AvatarDhejavu
Dhejavu's Avatar
May I take your flying delta fennekin for 20k? ~
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Elsa's AvatarElsa
Elsa's Avatar
May I grab this one please? Thanks!
Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
60k cr for the electric and both psychic deltas?
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The Ninetails gif is recolored official art
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C10H12N2O's AvatarC10H12N2O
C10H12N2O's Avatar
Can I get this delta for gp please?
Adorable avatar by Quartz
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
Ill start sending trades! Im on mobile and on recess from class so it can take a while tho c': Ill get back to whos left when Im on luch ouo b

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