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POLL: Would yall be interested in general art coms?

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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Howdy! This is gunna be more of a temporary thread while I'm raisin some funds for me Helix Orb collection 8V Rules: 1. I will send you the unwatermarked file of the adopt after I receive your payment. 2. You are free to do whatever you want with the design after you have purchased it. 3. You may post your purchased adopt wherever you like, as long as you credit me. You can link to either my profile here or my toyhouse (preferred!) 4. Prices are subject to change. 5. You are allowed to ask me to put an adopt on hold for you for up to 48 hours. If you do not pay for it after the 48 hours are up, the adopt will go back up for sale and you will not be allowed to ask for holds again. 6. If you are uncomfortable with the general sentiment of Black Lives Matter AND/OR you support MAGA, I would ask for you to please leave my shop. 7. Mixed payments are allowed! 5GP : 5kCR : 1ZC
Helix Orb
priced at 50ZC/equiv each.
Lucky Seal
priced at 60ZC/equiv each.
Random Summon
priced at 30ZC/equiv each.
Any Box
priced at 4ZC/equiv each.
Box Box
priced at 90ZC/equiv each.
  • Adopts!
  • Capsule!
Munchlax Fusions! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Patrat - CLOSED (Shiftry) Kabuto - CLOSED (simonpetrikov) Scrafty - OPEN Spewpa - CLOSED (Jalakins)
Gogoat "Deltas"! 300ZC | 1,500kCR | 1,500GP each
Fire - CLOSED (AriaPsiana389) Ghost - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta) Electric - CLOSED (SubwayWolf) Poison - OPEN
Charmeleon Fusions! 250ZC | 1,250kCR | 1,250GP each
Dragonite - CLOSED (Lynxray) Umbreon - CLOSED (crownedkitty25) Ribombee - CLOSED (keeping for now >w>;;) Milotic - OPEN
Ribombee Fusions! 200ZC | 1,000kCR | 1,000GP each
Oricorio - CLOSED (PupperCakes) Purrloin - CLOSED (Jalakins) Pyroar - OPEN Pachirisu - CLOSED (Avacyn)
Applin Variants! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Orange - CLOSED (CrunchyLemon) Peach - OPEN Cherry - OPEN Banana - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta)

Past Adopts!

Poochyena Fusions! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Venonat - CLOSED (Jalakins) Volcarona - CLOSED (Tengu Øracle) Ponyta - CLOSED (crownedkitty25) Smeargle - CLOSED (SandsofJordan)
Jangmo-o Fusions! 150ZC | 750kCR | 750GP each
Cyndaquil - CLOSED (MissPinkDragøn) Snivy - CLOSED (Lynxray) Mudkip - CLOSED (PupperCakes) Cofagrigus - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta)
Shaymin Fusions! 250ZC | 1,250kCR | 1,250GP each
Mismagius - CLOSED (SandsofJordan) Druddigon - CLOSED (GijinkaMagenta) Sigilyph - CLOSED (merinqüe) Emolga - CLOSED (fangraixiii)
Scorbunny Fusions! 300ZC | 1,500kCR | 1,500GP each
Duskull - CLOSED (SandsofJordan) Sliggoo - CLOSED (merinqüe) Houndour - CLOSED (Jalakins) Croagunk - CLOSED (fangraixiii)
Capsule Adopts!
For 150ZC|750kCR|750GP, you can chose a capsule that contains a mystery design inside! These designs are based off of a pokemon fusion website, so who knows what you're gunna get! They're also more of a smaller doodle than my other adopts. What you'll get will look something like Quagpom here! (Quagpom not for sale!!)
Available Capsules!
No capsules are available right now! Check back later!

Past Capsules!

Capsule 1 - CLOSED (Miss Nona) Capsule 2 - CLOSED (tengloom) Capsule 3 - CLOSED (ToastyHyena) Capsule 4 - CLOSED (Miss Nona) Capsule 5 - CLOSED (SandsofJordan) Capsule 6 - CLOSED (PupperCakes) Capsule 7 - CLOSED (PupperCakes)
Want me to draw a pokemon for you? Check this thread out!
"WATCH IT, PAL!" Chicken | 24 they/them Shop Adopt Shop Journal
PupperCakes's AvatarPupperCakes
PupperCakes's Avatar
Hello! Are you open yet? I'm sorry if you aren't but can I buy the mudkip jangmo-o fusion for 750gp? It's so cute!
Avatar by Themalelunala Signature art by CloverPatch, Banner By 88penguintreats
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Yes, I am! sorry if that wasnt clear OTL;;; Of course! :DD Send payment and I'll PM you the image!
Lynxray's AvatarLynxray
Lynxray's Avatar
Love these! They're so cute! Can I snag the Snivy Jangmo-o for credits? ^^
Emma | Female | 21 | She/Her | Toyhou.se | 💤
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Thank you! ;>; And of course!! Send payment and I'll send the unwatermarked version to ya! ^^
CrunchyLemon's AvatarCrunchyLemon
CrunchyLemon's Avatar
Can i buy the sygilyph shaymin for 1,250kCR? ;w; my sister says i dont have enough for it even though i literally have 9,304kCR so im just gonna try. also uhm this my first time buying something from a forum so i dont know how to pay TvT. sorry if im wrong about the pricing xd
Avatar By PupperCakes
Miss Nona's AvatarMiss Nona
Miss Nona's Avatar
ohh, capsule 2 for 100zc?
tengloom's Avatartengloom
tengloom's Avatar
Could I get capsule 1 for 100 ZC?
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
@CrunchyLemon: As long as it's 1,250,000CR (the little k means 1000!), it should be enough! ^^ Send payment and I'll send the lil guy over! @Miss Nona: Of course! :D You open the capsule and inside you find..........


The Pignite and Piloswine fusion, Pilonite!
Send payment and I'll PM you the unwatermarked image! ^^ @tengloom: Of course, of course! :V You open the capsule and inside you find.........


The Breloom and Glaceon fusion, Glaloom!
Send payment and I'll PM you the unwatermarked image! ^^
CrunchyLemon's AvatarCrunchyLemon
CrunchyLemon's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Kiryu

@CrunchyLemon: As long as it's 1,250,000CR (the little k means 1000!), it should be enough! ^^ Send payment and I'll send the lil guy over!
oh gosh i did not know thats how much it would be ACK i am new pretty much new to this site and idk how the money and stuff works aa sorry i dont have that many CR TvT the lil k confused me cause i thought it would be like 1k like 1,000 aaa

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