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Koroku Breeding Question

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Hi there! Sorry if this has been asked before; I couldn't find anything specific about it. So I have a Ditto/Koroku pair in my Daycare currently. They're at roughly 59% odds. However, all observed eggs so far are Vulpix. Is that just RNG being RNG again, or is this pair unable to produce Koroku eggs? All the Koroku I've seen yet were from Koroku/Koroku pairs, so I'm uncertain Thanks a lot for any clarification!
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you’re probably not going to get any koroku eggs any time soon with a 59% pair any time soon. i suggest maybe finding someone who’s got koroku (i know blanksmile is hunting it, but idk if they give out normals or sell them) and making a proper 90%+ pair.
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I only need a single Koroku egg currently, since I want the Dex entry for the egg - that's why I haven't put together an ideal breeding pair. I just wanted to know if a Koroku egg is even possible from this pair; my Vulpix/Articuno pair was a pathetic 3 percent, so that'd take forever.
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Since the pokemon being bred is a Koroku, yes you can get a Koroku egg from that pair. You'll either get extremely lucky and get one quickly or it's going to be abysmal and take quite a bit. But yes, you can get one from that pair.
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Thank you! I suppose I'll have to hope RNG plays nicely, then.
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Niet said that it is much easier to get a Koroku egg from the original breeding method despite the percentage shown being extremely low. The max percentage for Vulpix/Artucuno will always be 4 or 5% only. Your 3% pair is pretty normal after all. Don't get discouraged by that. It does work and, as stated above, might even get you the desired Koroku egg much faster, with far less Vulpix eggs in between.]
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If needed, you can borrow my 99%(I think?) Koroku/Koroku pair for the dex!
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